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Fuyuko's Acid Storm
Fuyuko's Acid Storm

Monday, August 27, 2012

The haunting of Stillwater Town Part 2

I told him it sounds good it would give me enough time to write a good story and everyone else agreed. About two hours later and mid day we arrived at the train station we got off with the supplies and thanked the train attendant for helping us carry everything off but he refused to help carry anything farther than the train station. I thought that it was silly for him to be so cautious about the town and I said the town is not going to come after you and kill you. And he was like other towns no but this one will.  

The other men in our party helped carry all the supplies off the train and we wondered into the empty town looking for a place to put our bags and stay for the night. As we came into town we saw the rope hanging from the tree exactly like it was told to us from the story. It seemed almost like the town had not changed from the day that the hero was killed.

We went right to the hotel which from the outside seemed to be rundown but when we entered in from the front door everything was clean and pristine as if someone had been taking care of the place all of the years it was empty.  Kari made a comment saying these ghosts do really well housekeeping and how she should hire them to clean her mansion and Karen said to her not to say spooky things like that.  Then we went upstairs to check the rooms they were all in really good condition almost like someone was expecting us and freshened up the place for us. That only added to my excitement and I told everyone how this was going to be the best book anyone will ever read. 

The men went out to gather wood for the fire and the rest of us got set up to make dinner since the sun was starting to set. All the time while we were setting up nothing special at all happened no ghost sounds or encounters nothing out of the ordinary even when the men got back they did not notice anything strange either. But I knew there had to be something to the story we heard.  After dinner we sat up talking for awhile and then we all decided to get some rest.
At first it took me awhile to fall asleep but as soon as I did I started to dream.  In my dream I could see the tree with the hangman’s noose and I turned to look around the town was empty when I turned back I could see a man hanging from it he called out help me as he hung from the tree and the blood was dripping down to the sand. It felt so real and freaked me out that I woke from my dream violently and Karen was hovering over me and it was morning again she asked me what was wrong. And I told her about the dream I had. She did not like the fact I had a dream about someone hanging from the hangman’s rope and said that it might be a bad omen. 

I told the others about it and they said it would be a good fit for the book but none of them were worried about it because it was only a dream. I started to agree with them and brushed it off.  During the day we went exploring the town but we really did not encounter anything which was worth writing about. So I just filled in descriptions about the town and the different buildings in the town.
During that night Jon had gone outside to grab more firewood and came in shortly after saying he heard what sounded like a little girl crying outside. We all went out with flashlights looking to see if we could find anything. We searched for awhile and did not see or hear anything while we were outside. Eventually we all got tired and came in. Billy said that it could have just been a raccoon with its babies since they can make noise like a crying baby. We all decided to turn in for the night and go to sleep. I finished adding what had happened within the book because I still was not convinced that the sound was a raccoon when we did not see one outside.
The next day I decided to go for a walk by myself I told the others so that they knew and Billy said he could go with me but I told him it was alright and went off on my own.  I walked down one of the forest path's and eventually came to an opening where the ruins of an old abandoned house was. The house looked to be an old mansion but was boarded up. I walked around the back of the building and I saw a girl who was playing with the grass. I walked up to her and asked her what she was doing all alone and where her parents are and she said that she didn't know where they are but that she was just playing. 

Then I asked if she was the one crying last night and she said that she was because no one would play with her. Her eyes lit up with excitement and she said "really?" And I told her of course and then she said will you play with me forever? And I told her sure at least until I have to leave.  The girl said okay and grabbed me by the hand and I was walking with her back to the front of the house.  I heard Billy coming towards us and the girl let go of my hand and said I have to leave and I was telling her to wait so I could introduce her to Billy. 

Billy looked at me funny asking me "Why are you talking to yourself?" I told him I wasn't that there was a little girl. And he told me I was standing talking to myself. When I went back I told the others about it and everyone thought that I had too much sun or something.  But Richard sided with me and said that maybe it was an apparition or ghost of some kind. But for the rest of the night we had dinner and went to bed and nothing happened. 

I wrote part of my book and added about the girl and what I experienced and how Billy could not see her.  Then I went to bed. But I was suddenly awoken by the sound of a scream  I jumped out of my bed and was met at my door by Richard and the others who all heard the same thing. We heard what sounded like horses outside and the yelling and screaming of someone we got lanterns and grabbed guns from the stuff we brought and noticed Billy was not with us so me and Richard went to his room to wake him. Both of us could not imagine how anyone could sleep though all the noise when we got up to his room it was a mess the bed was torn apart the window was open but Billy was missing. The room was on a second floor we looked out the window and there was no sign of him falling out the window. 

We rushed down the stairs and told the others then went outside and looked around there was no horses or screams coming from anywhere we searched the town for Billy but could not find out what happened to him the town was empty and no Billy. After awhile Richard suggested we go to sleep and search for him in the daylight so we could see without lanterns we decided to do just that.
Before going back to sleep I continued to write the story just because it was a part of it  and I figured that we would find out it was nothing just the wind and that Billy might have been sleep walking or something silly like that. And I went to sleep. 

The next morning I woke to  Karen shaking me violently saying Billy's dead being half asleep I called her daddy and told her to let me sleep and then she dragged me out of bed and made me get dressed.  When we got outside she dragged me over to the spot with the hangman's noose and everyone was standing around it I looked up and there was Billy's beaten corpse hanging from the rope covered in blood there were marks across his face arms and body that looked like he had been dragged across the ground but the marks around his neck proved that he had also been hung.
Jon climbed up the tree and cut the rope and slowly lowered Billy's body to the ground so we could bury him. We all felt horrible for what happened to Billy and after he was buried we had a long discussion over dinner saying how this was getting serious none of us thought it was ghosts we said that maybe there are bandits living here in the town which know we are here.  At this point I could not do anything but agree. 

That night Richard decided we should have a night watch to make sure that nothing else happens while we are sleeping. So he decided to appoint himself as the first watch Bob said he would take the second and then Jon allowing shifts so that each of them could get rest. So the rest of us went to bed.
Suddenly I was awoken to the sound of a horrifying screaming noise that sounded like Annie. I rushed out of bed and ran into the hallway where I ran into the others we all went over to her room and tried to open the door it was locked shut. We called out to her telling her to open the door but there was no answer from her.  We tried to force the door opened but it would not open. Then Richard went outside to look from the window and looked up at the window he did not see anything and came back up with a steel bar to force open the door. I went down stairs and looked up just to make sure nothing was happening while they opened the door. Then shortly after I saw Richard at the window and he called down to me saying she was gone.  I told him I would look around the town for her.
I started to walk though the town calling out to Annie trying to find her. There was no sign of her I turned a corner and got a weird feeling like something cold was touching my shoulder I turned around quickly and the girl I had saw the one day was behind me. I asked her if she saw my friend Annie and the girl smiled and said maybe she went to play. I heard Richard calling for me and I turned around to see what he wanted.  But when I turned back around the girl was gone. 

Richard told me they found Annie but she was dead. I asked how she died and Richard said that there were no marks on her at all but her face looked like she was scared to death. I said that something must have scared her so bad she had a heart attack then. I started to get really worried and suggested that we should try to get to the train station and find a way to leave early. Richard agreed with me and went back to tell the others. 

I looked around for the girl and did not see her so I went to walk back and she was in front of me when I turned to walk back.  She was pouting and said that I cannot leave because I promised to stay and play forever. I told her that the town was dangerous and that she should leave. She giggled and said you will be staying here. I went to walk past her to leave and she grabbed me by the arm and said we will be together forever now. And before I could say no she was gone again. 

I walked back and told the others about what the little girl said and they all stressed about leaving. We packed up our stuff and walked out to the train station. When we got there Richard and the others looked for a way to contact the mayor or the train conductor but the telegraph system was not working we decided to wait for a train to pass I continued to write the story while we were waiting for a train to pass. 

A train never did pass by as it got late Richard said it would be wise to go back to the town and stay in the hotel rather than staying at the train station. We left our bags at the station with a note in case one of trains passed by and headed back to the hotel. 

We decided it was a better idea to stay down stairs in the same room so nothing could happen to anyone. We were all frightened not knowing what was happening. I continued to keep records of what happened and writing the story.  The others asked me how I could continue to write with two of our friends dead and I said it keeps my mind off my fears. 

I started to fall asleep and I caught myself and rubbed my eyes when I looked up the girl was standing near the front entrance and I told everyone the girl is here. Richard and the rest of them saw and asked the girl what she's doing here and I said to them you can see her now? And they said yes they could. 

The girl said all of you are going to die except for you as she pointed at me she said I was going to be her friend forever. Richard said she was a evil little girl and the girl giggled then started laughing evilly and disappeared. It really freaked all of us out and we knew we had to get out of the town as fast as possible. We realized we could not just wait until the appointed time and planned on starting to walk along the train tracks and leave the town the next morning. We all decided to get some sleep we locked the door and closed the blinds and went to sleep in the same room. 

While I was sleeping I went into a deep dream in my dream I was at the tree which I first had met the girl she was there with a man the same one who I saw originally hanging from the tree the same hero that tried to save the town. The girl turned and saw me and said that the hero was her friend but he left her. I told her he did not leave that he was killed and she grinned and said that she killed him for leaving. The I closed my eyes and looked again and the hero was headless and the girl said you will not leave me anymore. I told her I have to leave so I can finish my story and the girl asked what it was about. And I told her it was a horror story the girl started giggling and said its unfinished. I asked her what she meant by that and she said horror stories never have happy endings silly. 

I woke up and found myself outside in the barn were Annie had died. I could hear someone calling me in the distance I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around and saw a headless corpse and screamed and ran and tripped over a some tool's on the ground. I picked up the pitch fork and without looking I stabbed the corpse. I pushed so hard till I could feel the pitch fork inside of the body. When I looked up Timothy was in front of me blood pouring out of his mouth. He asked me why Christine as he fell to the floor bleeding to death. I thought it was a dream I closed my eyes and opened them again my hands were covered in his blood. 

The others came in as I started screaming and crying and saw Timothy dead on the floor with the pitch fork in his stomach and the blood all over my hands. Richard and the others were shocked and angry I tried to explain what happened and they wouldn't believe me they took me to the hotel and locked me up and treated me like a prisoner. Then they left to bury Timothy. I continued to scream and cry saying that I did not do anything wrong but no one would listen. 

I sat down and waited for them to come back and the girl came to me and she said even your best friends have left you but I am still your friend.  She continued to say they abandoned me. I felt sad and alone. She said that my friends are most likely thinking of leaving without me and I got more sad.
Hours later they came to the door but would not open it Richard said that they were going to leave and that because I'm a murderer I had to stay here in the town. I tried screamed and cried out that it was not my fault it was the girl and Karen said to me you were the one with the weapon in your hand you probably killed everyone and blamed it on the girl. It was like none of them would listen to me and then  they said they hoped I die in the town and Richard throw my book on the ground in the room with me and locked the door then he said that I was never a writer I was just a mental case.
I started to cry and the little girl appeared and patted me on the head and said it's okay Christine I'm still here for you we will always be friends. I thanked her and said how I was so angry at all of them. The little girl picked up my book and gave me it and she said you have to finish it still. I told her she was right. I told her that I wish they were not going to get to leave and she said you could fix that and I said how I'm locked in here? And the door opened on its own and she said you better stop them before they leave. 

I picked up an axe in a nearby barn after I left my prison and gave the little girl my book to hold and went in the direction toward the train station ready to take my vengeance.  As I got closer to the train station I could hear Richard tell Bob to get the carriage from the stable near the train station so they could use it to carry their stuff. 

I went into the stable from a side door and came up behind Bob with the axe in my hand he turned around and terror was written all over his face he was like how did you get out we locked you up. He backed up and tried to get away. I hit him in the back with the axe and he started to yell I kept chopping at his body while he tried to escape and I was laughing and enjoying killing him I could hear the others coming but I did not care as he was dying he dragged his body away with his intestines coming out bleeding to death I hide behind one of the carriages and Jon came in to his rescue but it was too late. 

Jon was trying to ask him what happened and tried to stop the bleeding and I came out behind Jon and said I'll show you what happened and tried to hit him and he grabbed my hands stopping me from using the axe on him. He tried to call out for help and I kicked him in the testicles making him fall to his knees then hit him in the face with the axe and kept hitting him till he was dead. I was covered in blood but all I could do was laugh I laughed so hard it made the others come and I left out the door before they caught me. 

Richard in the others came in to Jon and Bob's battered bodies and realized they needed to escape they decided to only take what was really needed which was food.  Jane said that she it was a good idea to make sure they had water too since they did not know if there would be water on the way.  Richard did not like the idea of Jane going alone so he told Kari to go with her to get the water. They found a canteen in the general store and went to the well in the center of the town to get water.
The little girl started crying and told them she was scared because I was around and Kari came over to her telling her not to cry Jane yelled at her not to get close because of the other day but it was too late I came up behind of Jane and Kari saw me as she turned and could not say anything in time to save her I chopped at her neck with my axe and she fell to the ground still squirming and crying bleeding to death on the ground. Kari screamed in horror and started to run away tripping and falling over her own feet. 

I could hear Richard calling out to her and I kept calling her name and saying it was too late for her to. She was crying and told me that she was sorry that she did not want to leave me and I was like is that true? And she was like yes begging for her life. I told her to show her affection by kissing my hand and telling me that I was the best writer and she said it and kissed my hand and I hit her in the head with the back of the axe handle and left her there and hide when Richard came. 

He came alone and I waited for him to come to her rescue before hitting him in the back of the head. The little girl asked what I was doing by not killing them and I told her the story would not be complete unless more people died by hanging and I started laughing. I dragged their bodies over near the hangman's tree and the little girl brought a horse so we could hang Richard. After I had him tied up and the noose around his neck I splashed him with water to wake him up.  He was dazed and confused and did not know what was going on he saw that I had Kari and he started to struggle and I told him he should be more careful since he's in danger too. The little girl giggled and said to him that if he did not calm down he might lose his head. 

Richard told me to let Kari go and he would die in her place and I said isn't that nice of him I told him I wished I had friends like that and I started laughing and he was like what about Karen and I said all of you left me behind what makes you think I plan on leaving any of you alive. Karen woke up to the conversation and started screaming and crying telling me to kill Richard and let her go and I said look how quickly she is ready to abandon her group leader and I started laughing more and told her to leave. 

The little girl was shocked telling me why would I let her leave but before she could finish her sentence I throw the axe at her back and it embedded into her back causing her to fall to the ground bleeding to death and the girl was pretty impressed saying that she did not think I was so heartless. Richard yelled at me for hitting her which only caused the noose to tighten around his neck more which made him choke.

I picked up Kari and pulled the axe out of her back which only caused her to bleed faster she was losing consciousness slowly  so before I let her die I kicked the horse which caused Richard to get hung snapping his neck and killing him instantly. She mumbled that we were her friends and I said only the little girl is my friend. I dropped her body to the floor and left her bleeding and picked up the axe and started walking away. 

The Little girl was worried and said you are not leaving me now are you? And I told her I don't leave friends but I have one more person before the story is done. I followed the train tracks seeing Karen's foot prints as I went along until they stopped at a point and there was a small abandoned station. I called out to Karen telling her I was afraid that the real killer was going to kill me too. She answered saying you're the killer and that she would kill me if I came to her. 

I swung the door opened and she swung a pipe at the direction of the door which just missed me I was standing there crying and saying you would kill your best friend? And she let her guard down and I swung sideways with the axe which was behind my back and hit her in the chest killing her close to instantly. I dragged her body back and piled all of the bodies in the same barn were Annie was killed. 

Then the girl gave me my book and I continued to write the story until it was finished and left the story at the train station along with the other items.  And went back to the town with the little girl.
A day later the train stopped into the station but none of the people who were dropped off could be found. The conductor took the items which had been sitting at the station but refused to search the town. One of the passengers noticed  a book fall from the items and she was bored and decided to read the book only to find out it was written by the famous author Christine. The last few pages of the book was written in red ink. 

The book was later called Haunting Of Stillwater and published it was the final book written by the Author Christine and it was found later that the last few pages were written in the author's own blood.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Girl And The Island

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived all alone on an island. She did not know how she got there or if there was anyone else who was with her. The only memories that the girl had was living on the island. There was a castle built on the island. The castle was built upon the rocks of the side of a mountain that overlooked the ocean. The castle was where the girl lived. She would sleep there in a room just for herself. She would also eat there.

There was no one else around to spend time with her because she was alone. The girl could not speak so she had no way of calling other people to let them know that she was there so she was never sure if there might be someone else on the island who just did not know she was there. 

She spent many of her day’s searching the island looking for other people who could talk to her.  As each day passed it seemed like no one was on the island and she was all alone. Eventually she gave up looking for other people and stopped leaving the castle because she knew there was nothing special outside which she had not already seen.

She would spend her time trying to think of things to do in the castle. Then one day she found a hidden room which led her into a library filled with books. There were so many books it made the girl happy because she knew that the stories would keep her company. She would do nothing but read books every day and at night dream of being in the stories that she read.

As time passed the girl eventually ran out of stories that she could read because she had read every story within the library. This upset the girl. She tried to think of ways to get more books but there was no way for her to get them. She tried to search the castle for another hidden room with more books and there was none.

Then she came up with an idea she said to herself I could make my own books and read them. She gathered some paper and then searched the beach for a feather and made some ink out of berries that she found growing on the island.

She thought hard about a story and how to write it and when she was satisfied with how it sounded in her head and thought it was good enough to make into a story she began to write. The girl wrote a whole page within a short time.

But when the girl looked at what she had wrote there was nothing but ink spots she could not understand what she had wrote. She tried again and again and the same thing happened she knew what she wanted to put down on the paper but when she did it was only a bunch of ink spots and was unreadable.

The girl thought it was the feather she was using which was bad so she tried to write with her finger and the outcome was the same anytime the girl would try to write down her story it was unreadable.  It made her cry that she could not save the story she was thinking of.

The girl continued to try writing for days and days hoping that something would change and she would be able to read even just one page of her own story.  She thought to herself why I am cursed to not be able to communicate.  She had always thought not being able to speak was not so bad because she could still write not realizing that even her writing was affected by the same curse.

The girl slowly began to give up hope realizing that she could never tell the story that she wanted to and knowing that she was alone and there was no one around to even keep her company.  The pain and despair was slowly destroying her inside and she still had no way to even express her feelings or let them out.

The girl got into a rage hating the island the castle and the world that she was stuck in because it was lonely and there was no way to communicate. In her rage she started a fire and burned all the books in the library the fire got out of hand and spread to the rest of the castle.

The girl stood outside the castle as it burned with the piece of paper which she had tried to write her story on crying deeply. She said to herself that’s it! It’s done… I’m done… Then the girl went to the side of the cliff’s standing on the edge of the rocks looking down at the water.

The girl felt like there was nothing that she could do to fix her problems. There was no way for her to communicate and she couldn’t write her story. She threw the paper and let it fall down the cliff and into the ocean. Then the girl jumped off of the cliff and was never seen from again.

The haunting of Stillwater Town Part 1

Once upon a time there was a woman who had a interest in writing stories that had mystery themes or even enjoyed writing stories which were about ghosts and haunting. Her name was Christine and she often traveled from place to place anywhere that the train rails could travel collecting people’s stories and turning them into books. She was quite a popular writer at the time with some of the major book stores carrying her amazing stories. Of course even as a writer she had a normal life outside of her mystery and haunting stories. Her father had asked if she would travel to California to visit her aunt who was sick. She tried as best as she could to make up a million and one excuses why she couldn’t but alas her father was the winner at the end of the argument. She went up stairs and started packing her bags very frustrated and huffing about having to even go. There was a knock on the door down stairs and she was so angry she just ignored it even when her father had called her multiple times to come down and get it. Her father gave up and went to the front door to answer it when he opened it he saw it was Karen one of Christine’s friends he apologized for her not answering the door because she’s in a bad mood today. Karen said to him there was no need to apologize because she knows how stubborn I could be I was listening from the upstairs. I heard Karen coming up stairs and when she got near I started to mumble about how frustrated I was about having to go to California. And of course when Karen came in she was like it’s not that bad it might be fun maybe you’ll find some new material for another book she said. I told her I seriously doubt anything will happen and by the time I get to California my aunt will be fine and it will be a boring trip and uneventful. Then Karen said I have a wonderful idea why don’t I go with you on your trip it might be more fun if you have someone to talk to. I thought about it for a few moments and decided it was a good idea so I rushed down the stairs and said to my father that Karen needs tickets to go to or I wouldn’t go my dad put his palm over his face and let out a deep sigh and said okay but you better make sure you make it to your aunts. And Karen chimed in that she would make sure that I got there okay and my father said at least there is one responsible girl going. That night I started to think about the positive being on a train thinking that train robbers could attack the train and there could be a murder mystery or some other kind of event that could happen which would make for a perfect story. I kept myself awake all night thinking about stories I could write about that morning came before I got any sleep. My father knocked on the door telling me I should get ready to go before I end up missing my train. I got washed up and dressed and brought all my bags down to the automobile and then we where off to pick up my friend Karen. Even Karen said she was so excited to be going with me that she didn’t sleep either and my father said both of us would most likely end up sleeping though all of the trip and I knew that couldn’t happen especially because it was going to take two weeks to get to California. My father helped us get seated in the box car that we were staying in and shortly after the conductor warned us that we would get underway soon we said goodbye to my father and he got off the train and headed out of the station both of us were brimming with excitement for the adventure that we were on. We did end up falling asleep and resting not too long after departing and the trip was pretty long we managed to keep ourselves entertained by making up stories and telling them to each other and playing other simple games or just enjoying the scenery of the trip. But unfortunately nothing worth writing happened at all. After about a week and a half of riding on the train even Karen started to agree that the trip was boring and a bother and keeps whining about wanting to be in California already and I agreed with her. Then a day later me and Karen were walking back to are box car and we saw these men in black coats coming towards us. I thought maybe this will be the train robbery that I was hoping for and they got closer me and Karen moved to the side allowing them room to pass. They opened the door to the box car we were in and one of them looked at me and was walking toward me like he wanted something. I blurted out I have nothing you can steal and he gave me an odd look and said all I was going to ask was if you have a light for my pipe. I got angry and embarrassed and said what do I look like some kind of general store that carries’s stuff for your convenience. Everyone stopped what they were doing and was staring at me. Karen then grabbed my arm and pushed me out of the box car onto the next and then apologized for my poor behavior saying I was just grumpy from the long trip. At this point my attitude was pretty sour for the next few days. But I overheard that we were about a day’s trip from our destination I started to lighten up some looking at the positives that I wouldn’t be stuck on this train anymore. During lunch the next day me and Karen were sitting and looking out the window and noticed some old houses and structures which seemed abandoned as we were passing by. One of the train attendants was walking past and I asked what town are these houses apart of and he said “Stillwater Town we will be passing the train station soon”. I said don’t we stop at the train station their? And he said no it’s a haunted town no one has had any want to travel there for many years. I said haunted this really brightened my mood and got my curiosity I asked what happened there and he said he didn’t know anymore then that its haunted but he said that when we hit California the librarian would know more about it. I continued to watch as we past the town and the train station which looked pretty old and run down as I watched from the window I felt like something was calling out to my mind from the location. I asked Karen if she felt anything weird while looking at the town. She said no that maybe the onions on my sandwich were getting to me. I told her we have to go to that town that it was perfect for a story. Karen was unsure about that idea and kept saying we need to go to my aunts. But I was hoping that after we would find a way to go there. Finally during that night we rolled into the California train station and of course no one came to pick us up so we had to take a carriage to my aunt’s residence. It took us a while to get there and it was pretty late by the time we reached and we knocked and I could hear the house maid having a fit about having to get up at such a late hour she was hopping mad about it and when she learned my father had sent me and Karen to come take care of our aunt she was like there is nothing wrong with your aunt now she’s fine you wasted your time coming here but come in and you can stay the night. She brought us upstairs to the guest room with our bags and there was only the one guest room with a bed so we both ended up having to sleep together on this small bed tight and cramped. During the morning which I doubt I slept all that much feeling like a crammed sardine we where friendlily greeted by my aunt who was surprised to see me and Karen she said that she just had a cold and there was no need for us to rush out to check on her. I told her that my father forced us and she said your father can be so stubborn at times. She asked if I had any other plans so I told her I wanted to go to the library and find out about Stillwater Town for a book I plan on writing. This was the first time she had heard about me writing books in which I told her some of the book titles I made and she snapped her fingers and said I knew it I saw a book which reminded me of a story you used to tell awhile ago about our home town in New York about a haunted hotel and I said that was my very first book published. She was quite amazed knowing how big of a seller it is in California she said I was pretty famous. She told me where I could find the library and I got a carriage and went to head out Karen said wait I’m coming too and got dressed and joined me. When we got to the library it was a much larger building then the small library’s at home and they had a massive amount of books inside it seemed to be very empty but all the way in the back there was an old man on a ladder placing some books on a top shelf. I asked him if he could help us and he came down from the ladder and asked what we needed. I told him about the train attendant and how he said you would know about Stillwater Town and what happened. He seemed shocked that anyone would want to know about the town. He first warned us that many people who have tried to go there have gone missing before volunteering any information at first. I said I was still very interested in hearing about it and told him that I’m a writer of books. He said in the early 1700’s it was a big and upcoming town because of gold which was found in a local mine area but he said as the town grew so did the crime with it. He said there were a lot of violent people who would rush into town to rob and steal from the town’s people and eventually a stranger rolled in one who said he was going to clean up the town. Everyone was very happy about it and as time went on it seemed like he was a hero who was sent to save the town. Unfortunately that wasn’t going to last some of the local criminals got together and set a trap for the town hero when they captured him they beat him dragging him along by horse back through the desert then before he died they hung him in the town for all the towns people to see. After that they went partying and wreaking the town. During the morning some of the town’s people noticed that the place where the hero was hung his body was missing but the blood which had been all over the rope was still there so they knew it wasn’t a dream and that he got hung. As the day’s went by people were noticing certain people in the town ending up dead but the strange thing was anyone who was walking in the town claimed they saw their friend hanging in the place of the hero just before the person was killed. It seemed as though it was some kind of curse and eventually no one wanted to live there fearing that they would be the next person to be killed. I was amazed at the story the librarian told us and fascinated. I knew this would make a wonderful book but I still wanted to go there and experience it for myself and get a real feel for some of what I planned to write. From the library we went over and had lunch at a small shop we were sitting outside enjoying the fine temperature and I said to Karen we have to go and Karen was like go where? I told her I wanted to go to the Stillwater Town and she was like are you crazy you heard what the librarian said it’s cursed an evil town. I said to Karen the story needs to be written and I wanted to put us in the storyline. A man from another table heard us talking and came over and said I heard something about a book and he asked if I was a writer I told him that I was the new writer who wrote the story about the haunted hotel in New York and his eyes lit up and he said I was just reading that book. He asked if I could sign the cover of his book for him and was amazed that I was so far from my home. He was curious about what I was talking to Karen about so I told him my plans of going to Stillwater Town to write a book. He was like that is a brilliant idea! And asked if he could come along and be a character in my book and I liked that idea I said that was a perfect idea. He said that he could even talk to some friends and get us a group of people to make it interesting. I told him it would be great if he could assist in the project. Karen said you’re all crazy and I said she could stay at my aunts if she wanted and she said I need to be with you to supervise to make sure you don’t do anything stupid. And I said great it’s settled when do we set out and the man said we should go over to his place and gather some people together. So we went with him over to his house it was a glorious Victorian house with a stylish design. He sat us down in the dining area of the house and told us to wait while he gathered everyone. In the mean time I just looked around at the surrounding pointing out interesting artwork and expensive looking sculptures that lined the walls of the Victorian. With a short time people started to pour into the house talking and all excited everyone wanting to shake my hand and girls wanting to hug me and the main came back and stood at the head of the table next to me and said today friends I have a real treat for you we have the famous writer Christine with us and she’s planning on making a new book based off the Stillwater Town to the east of here. And everyone seemed surprised and excited about it. He said that anyone who goes will get the chance to be in my book and then he let me talk. I stood up and introduced myself again saying I’m Christine and I love writing and bringing enjoyment to my readers and I told them about my idea’s for the book and some of the story which I had heard from the librarian in the words of how I planned to make the book and after I was finished everyone started clapping for me saying it was a brilliant book idea and many of them wanted to be a part of it but some were also scared and didn’t want to take the risk. After all was said and done we had about ten people who planned on joining us for this adventure the man who had organized it whose name was Richard, Karen, Billy, Jane, Annie, Timothy, Jon, Kari, Bob, and myself. Richard suggested that we ask the major if he would have the train make a special stop to the town of Stillwater for us and we went over to the major’s office to get permission for it. When we got there the major was giving us a hard time saying he wasn’t going to be responsible about anything that happened to us and he didn’t want to give permission for us to go and I said but my book talks about the kindhearted major whose love for people allows us to take a trip using the train. And after a few moments he was also fine with letting us especially knowing he was going to be mentioned in a famous book. We decided to set out for the next morning we planned and gathered supplies and things we would need to stay there in the town. I started to write the beginning of the book that night giving all the maximum details which I had gathered from the librarian and introductions to each of our fellow adventurers. Then I lay in bed trying to sleep and sleep never came during the morning I was up and ready to go before Karen had even woken up and she said that this trip was going to be a nightmare. I pushed her out of bed and rushed her to get ready and out the door. Richard picked both of us up and brought us to the train station were the rest of the group were waiting excitedly. The train conductor told us that he thought we were out of our minds for wanting to go to Stillwater Town but he could not do anything to stop us but advise us not to go since we were set on wanting to go even Karen tried to talk us out of it but we really wanted to go. The train got underway shortly after we all got on and had our supplies and everything ready. The train attendant told us that they would drop us off at the station and come back within a week to pick us back up if we were still alive he said.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


So I have not been around lately. I was spending some time in california checking on a friend of mine who has cancer and is not doing very well. It was pretty upsetting she did not reconize me at all and we have been friends for a very long time. I did manage to meet many of her other friends who I never met before it was a pretty large gathering of people who came to visit her. And later some of her friends invited me out to dinner and we had a really great time so that ended up lightening the sad parts of it some. I realize I have been slacking on stories I have one which is not finished yet and I will be publishing it soon. I was also invited to play tera online with a friend recently but my computer cannot run anything but ragnarok online and I just do not have time for anything else. But otherwise I got a job recently too and other then being extremely busy everything is going pretty well. I will try to update more often.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Battle of Crimson Farms

The year is 2015 the world has faced major economic collapse which has caused a major separation between the rich and the poor people and at the time I thought that this was bad enough and that it could not get any worse than this.  But I was wrong something was about to happen that I did not expect. While the fall of the economy the rise of a new company called Global Food Corporation had its rise to power.  This company took over the sales an export of all types of food. Of course this did not matter much for me since I owned a farm out in the wilderness away from all the major cities I just made my own food everything from wheat down to fruits and vegetables. Most of my time was spent on my farm. The area surrounding my farm was known as Crimson Falls because of the bright crimson flowers that would grow along the road side.  I only spent about one day per month to go to a local town and catch up on what was going on in the world.

The season was August and it was a hot summer day I was heading into town to pick up some supplies and some tools so I could fix the radio receiver back home.  I headed over to the general store where I was kindly greeted by the store owner who I’ve known for a long time. I gave him the list of supplies I needed and while him went into the back to get my order I waited listening to the radio. Over the radio I could hear something which sounded like a warning but I missed part of it because the radio was set to low. I called out to the store owner and asked if I could raise the sound on the radio and he was like sure you do not need to ask go ahead. So I raised the sound and this time I heard the news cast saying that everyone is recommended to stay inside and keep their windows and doors shut because there was a problem with some shipment of food that was delivered to a city which is a few miles from here. They said the government was looking into it. That kind of worried me because I didn’t know what was going on. I asked the owner of the store about it and he said that some kind of disease infected food which was shipped by Global Food Corporation but there was not much information about what was going on. After paying for my supplies I decided it was a good idea to just head back home. When I got back to my farm the phone had been ringing and I ran inside and caught a few seconds before it stopped ringing. It was my friend Mike who I haven’t heard from in a long time after he moved to the city.  He asked me if I heard what was going on which I told him about the radio transmission I heard. Then he said you do not know the whole story every store which had received shipments from Global Food Corporation have this problem and the disease is airborne and very infectious to anyone who just breaths in air that is carrying the disease.  I asked him if he was going to be okay and he said he was calling to see if it was okay for him to stay at my farm with his girlfriend. I told him it would be fine I said just try to be careful. He said he was leaving now since where he was living the disease had not reached yet because of how the wind was blowing.

I thought to myself how lucky I was to be living so far away from towns. I went out to water the farm and take care of everything that needed to be done. Then I went inside to fix the radio receiver it did not take me very long before I started to hear news coming from the radio and having it work. The news was a recorded message telling everyone to stay inside and not to panic. I switched channels looking for a live broadcast and every channel I switched to was another recording of the same thing. I tried to use the receiver to call someone who was a few towns away to see if I could even get to talk to him and I was not getting anything. It was like all of the airway’s and radio stations where dead. The phone started to ring so I went over to get it when I picked it up I heard the voice of someone I didn’t recognize. I asked who this was and he said do not you remember this is Tom and I tried to think of who Tom was but I could not really think with everything going on. So he said remember that time where the three of us you me and mike were on the lake with the boat and Tom fell in and I almost ran him over with the boat motor. And that made me remember him but I haven’t talked to him in such a long time. He asked if I was safe and I told him I live on a farm way out in the middle of nowhere. I asked him if he was alright or if he needed a place to stay. He paused for a moment and said that he was okay for the time being but was not sure what he should do. I asked if there was anything I could do to help. He paused and was like um well. And I told him just spit it out and he said well I have a family now and I’m trying to find a place my wife and daughters can stay too. I told him that is not a problem and he said he was not sure because of how he used to like me he did not want to make me feel uncomfortable bringing his wife to stay at my house. I told him I couldn’t even remember who he was at first let alone whether he liked me or not. He said wait a minute now I was handsome back then and I said sure that’s why I do not remember you and he replied still as cold as ever Karen. I told him that it was fine for his family to come and I told him I would love to meet his wife and kids. I told him to avoid taking any roads through the cities because they have the same problem going on and told him route 4 was pretty much off the beaten road but it would take him here without bringing him though any cities. After I got off the phone with Tom it made me think about mike because I didn’t tell him to skip the towns. I tried to call him using the same number and he picked up. I told him to use route 4 and avoid going into any of the cities he said that’s the way he was traveling and I let out a sigh of relief. Mike told me that he would get here by tomorrow I told him to stay safe.

Then we hung up I decided to check the internet to see what was going on. And there was posts from people very upset about the situation but most of the search engines and news websites had very little information some which claimed it to be an attack from terrorists but most of the people seemed to believe it was an attack from our own government on the people saying they have been covering up most of the news and true details. I went to a video website and the amount of user posted videos of the chaos that was going on in towns especially footage of people who were infected was just insane. I clicked on one video and the main in the video said he was already sick so there was no point in him escaping instead he went outside and was filming people on the street. He said the air was thick with the smell of rotting flesh and his video showed corpses of people just laying in the street with no one to even buried them. The people who were still alive in the town were fighting with each other or clawing at houses trying to get people to help them. At the end of the video the man said he didn’t have much time left but warned everyone to stay out of the cities and said by the time this video uploads he would be dead. It made me sick to my stomach to see the horrific way people were dying and that the government was not doing much to help any of them. Another video was clear evidence that Global Food Corporation was tied to the government he provided documents and also said he was a former worker who stated that the government was planning to use this epidemic to get rid of all the poor people. After I finished watching it I thought about saving the video so I could show my friends I went back into it and the video was gone and claimed to be removed by copy write infringement. That made me even more suspicious because the video was brand new I noticed many of the uploaded videos having to do with what was going on were quickly disappearing from the video websites until the website itself was taken down completely. I decided to go to sleep and figured I would check tomorrow.

The next morning I checked the video websites and none of them ever came back up. There was also a change with the news websites they were saying that you shouldn’t trust any videos or anything you read outside of their websites. They also said that there was a vaccine which would be distributed that will allow your body to fight off the disease but the military and government were the first of the priority to get it. I heard a car pull up and went outside to see who it was. When I went outside I saw it was Mike and his girlfriend Christine I greeted both of them with hugs they were happy to see me. I asked if they had any problems getting here and they told me it was a pretty easy ride especially since no one was traveling the road at all. I helped them bring their stuff in and showed them to the room they could use. I told Mike about how Tom was coming with his family and also told him about what I saw with the news and video stations and he confirmed how horrible the cities where and said how he was lucky to get out with his girlfriend. He asked me if there was anything I needed him to do but I said that both of them should rest and I went out to take care of the farm.

Just before I was about to head in for lunch I heard what sounded like a truck tires screeching and then shortly after a crash. I wondered what that could have been. Mike came out of the house he had heard it too we walked up the street towards were the sound came from. We saw tire tracks across the ground which lead off the road and down into this small creek. At the edge of the creek there was a small army truck pinned against some tree’s and a wild boar which was smashed all over the front of the truck. We went down near the truck to see if there were any survivors but a tree branch had impaled the driver from the driver side of the truck and there was no one else in the truck. Mike told me to see if there was a gas can to empty the gas tank to prevent it from exploding. I found a gas tank attached to the back of the truck and used it to start removing the gas with a small tube I found located within the gas tank. Mike was able to get the army soldier out of the truck and laid him on the ground. Then mike called me over cause he said he found something I looked into the truck from the passenger’s side and saw a crate marked vaccine I remembered about the government saying they had developed a vaccine for the disease I said to mike do you think this could be it and he thought it might be. We decided to take it back with us. We also opened the back of the truck to see what else we could find and there were some creates with weapons and some supplies like flash lights radios so Mike walked back to the house to get his car and brought it back to the location of the truck so we could bring all of the supplies back.

While he did that I took a shovel which I found in the back and buried the soldier and made a small grave marker with his dog tags to mark the spot. I road back with Mike to the house and then tried to reach the authorities on the radio about the army truck but everything was still dead I got no responses from anyone. Shortly after Tom and his family came so we didn’t have time to look at the vaccine crate we found we helped them bring their stuff into the house and showed them to their rooms. Tom introduced me to his wife Rose and his two children Lily and Robert who were hiding behind their mother. I adored how cute the children were and I hugged both of them even though they had the look of fear like who is this strange women. They quickly warmed up to me and I could see they really liked my farm out in the middle of nowhere. Then we filled Tom and his wife in on what happened with the army truck and what we found. We sat down in the living room and opened up the crate. Inside was a steel box which was cold to the touch we opened it and inside where vials of the vaccine which were stored on dry ice. Of course we still weren’t sure about whether or not it was safe to use. Everyone kind of feared about what if it was poison or would not work. I spoke up and said I’ll try it first and Mike and Tom thought that was a bad idea and I said you both have families if it kills me it’s not a big deal.  Mike and Tom both kept trying to talk me out of it and I grabbed one of the syringes out of one of the other boxes took some of the vaccine and injected myself and said well it looks like it’s too late now. And Mike and Tom and everyone looked like they were angry at me for being so wreak less. I took the rest of the vaccine and put it into the refrigerator to keep it cold and said if I do not die everyone else can use it. That night I felt sick to my stomach for part of the night I was not sure if it was the vaccine or just because I ate too much at dinner but I finally fell asleep.

The next morning I was feeling great I woke up early feeling refreshed and energized. I made breakfast for everyone and headed out to take care of the farm. I went out to start harvesting the blueberries which were just ripened for the season. Tom and Mike met me later during the day to help and after we were done I went inside to make lunch. Everyone else decided that the vaccine was safe to take and later that night everyone made sure to take some. I tried the radio again to see if anyone else was out there but it was dead silence. All the radio stations still where broadcasting the same automated messages. But the internet was exploding with people trying to sell stolen vaccine. One website was even auctioning the vaccine and the bid was up to five million dollars. I then realized how lucky that we where to have obtained the vaccine and that I’ve kept my farm managed for all these years since even food seems to be scarce with all the contamination of food which Global Food Corporation had sent. I checked international countries and any country that Global Food Corporation had been exporting to have the same epidemic as the United States. Only countries which refused trade like China, North Korea, and Japan were safe from these problems or anyone who was lucky enough to get the vaccine. I was thinking that it might be a good idea to try and catch a flight to another country since I have my passport and documentation but when I attempted to check the flight information there was no outgoing flights because of the epidemic. And other countries closed their boarders to the US so I had no options to do that either.  As the weeks past by not much changed on my farm we just continued to manage the farm with no contact from the outside world. We assumed that things must not have been getting any better since the same recording where still playing over the radio like a broken record. But I decided to take a trip into the town that was not that far away to see what was going on. Mike and Tom didn’t like the idea and urged me to stay home but I said we had the vaccination so we shouldn’t be affected badly by the disease.  We argued for awhile about it and finally Mike decided it would be okay as long as someone went with me and Mike said he would go. So that day I prepared the truck and loaded up the empty gas cans and everything hoping that we would be able to stock up and we headed out towards the town. As we got closer to the town we started to see houses but they looked vacant like no one had been living in them. The grass was high and there was no sign of people living in them. I started to think that the town might end up being the same way. When we got into town it was not much different the only difference was the bodies which were lined up in the streets and the horrific smell of the air from the bodies decaying. We called out but there was no answer from anyone. I went into the general store with Mike following behind me and we started to gather some supplies.

 Just before we were about to bring it out to my truck I heard a noise what sounded like heavy trucks pulling in. Both I and Mike went outside to see what it was and an army truck filled with soldiers drove into the town and stopped nearby my truck. They came over to us and seemed kind of surprised about us not being sick. We were pulled aside and questioned about why we were not sick. I explained what had happened with the army truck and the man and about how we had tried to contact authorities. Then they left us in a room and walked into the other room. The sound of them talking was muffled but Mike said it sounded like they weren’t happy about us not being sick. I told him that can’t be they are the army they would not feel that way about other people.  They came back into the room and asked about the other people who were at my farm and asked if they took the vaccine and Mike kind of motioned to me not to say anything. And he jumped in and said that they were all dead. It confused me as to why he said that to them at first but after I asked if we could leave now and he said you’re not going anywhere I got really suspicious. I asked why can’t we leave we didn’t do anything wrong and he made this demented grin and said because you should be dead. I felt like my stomach was in knots and was like WHAT?!? And he was like my orders are to kill anyone who is still alive and wondering the towns. And I was like how is that fair? He said life isn’t far if you were rich we would not have a problem right now. And I said I am and the officer said if you were you would have your association card and I said I do its back at my house. I said if you give me a chance to go home and get it I’ll bring it here and show you it. He went back into the other room talking to the other officer and they both came back in and said you can leave but your friend stays. I told him I do not know how to drive the trucks stick shift of course which was a major lie and he said alright Mike could drive me I thanked him and said I would be back as soon as I could. And we got into the truck and drove out of the town. Mike gunned it heading home as fast as he could he asked what we should do. I told him there going to know we do not have the card were supposed to we do not even know what it looks like. I said we might have to fight them off if it comes down to it or die trying. Mike agreed that we didn’t have many options. When we got back to the house we told Tom and the family what was going on. Tom said it would be better to try to run away. And Mike’s girlfriend agreed but I said if they do not find us here they would come after us. I suggested that they all leave now and that I would stay behind and try to fight them off which should give everyone time to get away. Mike and Tom didn’t like the idea and said I should come too but I refused I said this farm is my home I was not going to let them ruin it. I helped them take food and supplies and loaded up their cars and told them to go. They gave me a hard time about it but eventually they drove away.

 Then I drove my truck and parked it in front of the window causing a barricade. I went to the back of the house and covered all the basement windows using cement bricks. I put enough food down in the basement to last a few days. Then I gathered the weapons and flashlights which we found in the army truck of the guy that went off the road. I prepared them loaded them and got set up. I decided I would set up most of the weapons in the room off to the side of the picture window since it had a good vantage point towards anyone coming from either side of the street. I also went into the rooms with windows and covered the windows using the heavy mattresses from the room making sure to pin them against the windows really well to prevent people from coming from behind. I knew the chance I stood against trained army soldiers was very low especially since the only training I ever had was playing first person shooter video games.

It was quite for quite a while I sat in the family room next to the fireplace using it to cook a soup and had my dinner and kept watch on the roads. Waiting in anticipation for the soldiers to come knowing it would not be long. It was not until late at night that I could hear something in the distance that was coming closer. I quick ran into the room and got against the window with the machine gun and made sure it was prepared and the safety was off. I was not about to let them know where I was hiding. The jeep pulled up with the two officers which I could just see the shadows in the moonlight and behind it was a truck with other soldiers. As the officers got out I aimed my weapon at them and pulled the trigger I was not prepared for the kick back of the machine gun and it caused me to spray shots wildly across the targets. Both officers fell to the ground and the men on the truck quickly got out and hid behind the truck. I could hear the officer call out I got hit but nothing from the other officer so I knew he was dead. The glow of the moonlight made it pretty easy to see the officers on the ground but rather then finishing the one off I figured it would be better to wait until the other soldiers tried to save him so I waited. The officer called out to me asking me to come out with my weapon and they would talk. I thought to myself they must think I’m stupid. I knew if I came out they would just shoot me and in the end I would die one way or another so I didn’t even respond. I didn’t want to give out my location instead I moved from the room I was in to one at the other side of the house. The window was covered by the mattress so I leaned against it just enough so I could stick the gun muzzle out the window I waited until I saw a shadow near the truck looking like he was going to make a run for the officer. I shot off a few rounds in that direction and as soon as I did I quick hit the floor because they returned fire on me the sound of the shots coming though the mattress where muffled. I went back to the first room and reloaded my weapon. As time progressed I could see the moon sink in the sky and everything started getting brighter with the morning. They kept opening fire on the rooms of the house hoping that a stray bullet would hit me. I just stayed down avoiding any bullets. Then some soldiers sounded like they were doing something I prepared myself and weapon and looked out the window carefully in a way that they would not have seen me. They had some kind of metal sheet and where trying to get to the officer using the sheet like a barricade. I tried to fire at them but they stopped moving and where hiding behind the metal sheet and I didn’t have a shot at anything. So I shot at the officer and hit him in the legs again then they opened fire at me again and I ducked down waiting for the shots to stop. I saw one of the men stick his head out just as he was helping get the officer behind the barricade I aimed and quickly shot him right in his helmet it didn’t go through his helmet but it did cause him to fall over and I finished him with more shots to his face. The bullets started again from the other soldiers and I ended up getting hit in the shoulder it hurt really badly. It felt like my shoulder was broken I tried to move it and was not able too. I was not about to give up it only encouraged me more that I was doing a good job protecting my friends who were on their way to safety. I grabbed some towels out of the bathroom and wrapped my shoulder up as best I could. But I knew I was not going to be able to hold out much longer at the rate I was losing blood at. At around mid day I could tell they were up to something and I was feeling very faint because of the loss of blood. I could hear them making their way around the house and I knew I didn’t have much time left before they broke in. I quickly started a fire in the fire place and dragged the box of weapons and ammo near the fireplace close enough so the heat would set all the ammo off. I could hear them outside the back door and I pinned a wood board against the door to keep it from opening. I grabbed some ammonia and bleach out of my cleaning closet and mixed both of them in the bucket then I went into the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of peroxide and took the cap off and throw it into the bucket. I quick ran into the basement covering my nose and mouth from the gas which was bursting out of the bucket and locked myself into the basement. I heard them hit against the door and then it was quiet for a moment and I could hear rapid weapon fire what sounded like a shotgun and could hear them rush into the room upstairs and then there was a yell most likely because of the bleach and ammonia gas I said to myself I hope they all die. Moments after the ammo must have been hot enough to starting to fire off in the house. It sounded like a war zone and I didn’t hear anything but the sound of gunshots for awhile. At this point I was fighting to stay conscious. I could not even hold the gun up anymore. I heard them banging against the door to the basement but I was too weak to do anything about it. The door was broken down and looking across from the room was a soldier holding a machine gun he had it pointed at me and before I could do or say anything I took my last breath and the life faded out of me.

The soldiers who tried so hard to break into the farm where surprised to find only one girl who had held them off for so long. In the end the farm was burned and only the friends of the girl would know and remember what had happened that day or where the location of the Crimson Fall’s farm was located. Years later Tom and Mike and his family returned to the location of the farm to plant flowers as a remembrance of the girl named Karen who saved their lives all those years ago.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Up and Coming

So I have not written a new blog post in awhile ever since I made the Jack the Ripper story. So I thought now with Easter over it was about time to get back into my blog updating. Story wise I have a newer story that I've been working on the only problem I'm having is trying to figure out what to call it. But once I finish writing it and figure out what to call it I'll be posting it.

On the gaming side I have not really gotten a chance to play anything. But I'm thinking about logging in and checking on my friends at ExistenceRO I know that the owners been working really hard on the game client and that they are getting closer to adding renewal to the server. One of my other friends started playing it too so I'm curious how shes making out.

I also managed to find a job recently working as a greeter in Walmart not really the best job but its something. I much would have preferred something within my field of study but I have not had much luck. Otherwise nothing all that special is going on except that I came up with another story idea for after I finish the current one. Partly it was because of a dream I had recently and thought it would make a perfect story so I have written all the idea's for it so far.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jack the Ripper

The month was spring the year 1887 my name is Mary Eleanor Pearcey. I've been living in London all of my life I was born here as was my mother who died while I was young. My father then filled the roll taking care of me of course that didn't last very long either. My father was convicted and hanged for the murder of another man and wrongly convicted. They only found out he was innocent after they killed him. My life hasn't been a very easy one but I still have much to be grateful for. A child comes soon and having a child of my own has been a dream I could have only hoped for. I recently moved into a furniture removers shop and I've been staying with him he also has my heart being with him and having my child is the only things I want in this world. As time draws closer I only grow more and more anxious waiting the day for the baby to come. I keep a diary of each day to keep myself from going crazy of anxiousness. But nothing could prepare me for what was to come of the happiness I believed I would one day achieve.

During that December everything came to a crash like a train wreck. I was in the hospital with labor pains ready to have my baby but the doctor came to me saying there was complications and what I wanted to do. Of course I told him I want to have my baby but my life is important he assured me that he would do everything he can. By the time it was over I had learned of the horrible news my baby had died but as if that wasn't the worst of it the doctor told me I would never be able to have children ever again. I went mad they tried to restrain me. I was screaming and crying and kicking I felt like giving up on my life but the doctors would not have any of that. It wasn't fair all I wanted was a simple life a happy life one with a child of my own and life has stolen all of that away from me. At first I began to think I'll starve myself and just die but after thinking about it. I realized it isn't my fault that my baby died and that I can't have another child of my own. As I was leaving I noticed a mother who just got her child from the nurse I stood in the doorway watching it only made me even more furious seeing her happy with her new born baby. She saw me in the doorway and she asked if I wanted to see her baby I answered in a vicious tone saying "My baby is dead why should I want to see yours." A look of shock washed over her face and I walked out of the room and headed outside of the hospital and started my way home. On my way home I noticed the prostitutes lining the streets as if they were mocking me for they could have children but they instead use their bodies for profit. This only set me more in a rage because if I had only had my baby I wouldn't be forced to feel this way.

With the new year nothing good had came I only grew to hate people even more I cut off most of my social ties with my former friends hating them for what they have and what I cannot. The amount of prostitutes and brothels that lined the streets continued to grow and my hate for those people only grew as the number of them increased. I couldn't stand for it any longer I had to do something or I would go mad I went out for a walk and came across the Whitechapel area which wasn't far from where I live and I noticed a women who was familiar to me. I remember gossip from friends that her name was Mary and that her husband had claimed she left him to practice prostitution but she still managed to have five kids. She tried to talk to me I only said hello and kept walking not allowing her to notice that I knew who she was. As i got back home I kept dwelling on it I wanted nothing more to put an end to some of these evil women who I felt are mocking me. But at first I felt like I didn't have the courage. As time went on and I kept seeing the murders in the papers as crime only kept growing worse. I started to formulate ways I could murder the prostitutes I hate so much by reading articles from the papers.

It wasn't until the summer, August to be exact that I finally felt that it was my duty to kill the prostitutes who i felt were mocking me and having a bad influence on the city as well. I knew something had to be done it was a justified action. I couldn't let it go on I needed to do something. I headed to Whitechapel on the night of august 30th as I approached the area I had saw her that day months ago she was walking in the opposite direction. I quickly ducked out of the way to avoid having her see me and followed her waiting until I had my chance. She went into a local pub I waited what seemed like forever for her to come out. Finally almost an hour later she left the pub I continued to follow her and turned down 18 thrawl street she met someone and I hide behind a corner ally to avoid being seen. Then she continued to head back to Whitechapel road but there was too many people for me to take a chance at getting caught. I decided to wait for the perfect time It didn't matter to me whether it was right this moment or a few hours later but I continued to follow her keeping my distance. She then started to walk on the path of the hospital I continued to follow her getting more anxious and only more ready to finally land my killing blows to her. As she started to enter a front gate to what seemed to be a stable I quickly ran up to her she turned to see me and said "I remember you...". But before she could finish the sentence I pulled a knife on her she tried to scream but I forced my hand over her mouth and then slit her neck from left to right. But that wasn't enough I did it again she was still struggling as she was bleeding in my arms. I continued by stabbing her stomach and kept stabbing her as the blood flowed all over the ground I continued to stab her even after she was dead letting rage just consume me. When I finally stopped all that lay before me was her bloody mutilated body. I quickly covered myself in my cloak and headed back home being sure that no one had seen me leaving the area. I went home washed the blood off of my body and throw any clothing which had gotten blood on it into a local river. I was very careful as to not be seen by anyone.

When the news of her death hit the papers many people were outraged at how viciously she was murdered but the satisfaction it gave me was so much glory I could barely contain it. I waited four days before going out from my house to be sure in avoiding suspicions but no one had any thoughts that the murder could have been done by me. I went for a walk to Whitechapel again. This time I saw another women who's roamers about her were outstanding my friends called her "Dark Annie" because of the color of her dark brown hair. While she was drunk she was a horrible person doing anything for a drink or for money even prostitution and she even had a family which she gave up. While she was sober she tried to come off as being very civil and industrious. It made me sick to even look at her. I knew something had to be done about her she was another one of the women who was mocking me she had everything and yet she choose to give it all up for prostitution selling herself. But in the back of my mind I knew the situation had to be perfect the timing I couldn't get caught because I'm not the evil one here. I'm doing a justice for the town and for myself getting rid of evil. I spent the next few days watching her from a distance trying to learn the pattern of her movements and trying to find a perfect time to get her alone. I decided Saturday night would be the best time since many people were busy or drunk I thought I would take that day as the perfect chance to kill her and it was the a different day for when I killed the other girl. I thought they wouldn't expect it and that I would use it to my advantage. I went to Whitechapel and waited for her she was working the streets trying to get some money I continued to follow her all night long until around 5:30 just before sunrise she was on Hanbury street talking to a man who seemed to be a shabby and homely looking he was wearing a deer hunters hat and a dark overcoat. I knew this would be a perfect cover for my act of murder for there was a local woman who was looking from the street passing by. Of course she did not even notice me hidden in the shadows only her with the man. When they were finished talking Annie was walking towards me I was standing in a door way as she got close I covered her mouth so she couldn't scream and took my knife slashing at her throat making the same to deep cuts into her that I made the first time. Then I slashed open her stomach completely in my mind I knew it wasn't fair that she was able to have children and that I couldn't any longer so I removed her uterus because she didn't deserve it. After I was done I left the scene of the murder again being very careful not to be seen by anyone I wrapped the uterus in cloth and took it with me. I wasn't about to let her have it back because she didn't deserve it. When I got home I un-wrapped the uterus and sat looking at it on the table. Then to avoid suspicion I decided it was best to get rid of it along with the clothing which had her blood on it. I wrapped them up and throw them in the river where I had thrown the other clothing being sure not to be seen.

By the time the murder of her had surfaced people started to believe that the murders were connected. I feared that someone would catch me but the paper had the description of the male she had been talking to which was perfect for me there was no one to suspect that I could have done it. Roamers also flew around about her being killed for the uterus I took saying it was an act by robbers. Things after she was found dead seemed to be much more active I knew I had to lay low for awhile to avoid suspicions. I continued to do my daily routine like nothing was wrong and of course no one could figure out it was me. This really empowered me and I knew I had to keep killing to feed my satisfactions. I continued to make trips into Whitechapel looking for the next possible victim that I could take while night patrols were becoming more frequent they still would not have suspected a women behind the attacks. I knew I could do anything if I set my mind to it. On the night of the 29th of September I had spotted another target she was dressed in a black jacket and skirt and had a black crepe bonnet on. She was walking along side of a man with a dark moustache who was wearing a morning suit and bowler hat. It was around 11:00 pm and I saw them walking on Berner street I followed her and shortly after the one man left I saw another man who was wearing a peaked cap with her. I thought she must be a prostitute because why would she be out late with these men it made me angry but I knew if I killed her on a Saturday of the same murder it might be suspicious and I couldn't catch her alone on this night she was hanging around different men all night long. So I decided to retired for the night and figured I would try again tomorrow. That night I saw her out on the street I followed her waiting for a perfect time and place for her to be alone as she walked near Dutfield's yard she entered the adjacent yard from the street. I knew if I didn't take my chance I wouldn't get another for the night. It was also very dark very hard to see anything this would be a perfect place I thought as I got closer to her. I covered her mouth so she couldn't scream and I cut her neck clear a cross cutting her so badly that the blood was rushing out of the wound in her neck at a very fast pace. Before I could finish killing her I heard a noise in the distance what sounded like a carriage with a horse. I started to fret not knowing if someone was about to catch me in the act I heard a shied from a horse and quickly left her body there and jumped into the shadows sneaking away avoiding being scene. I felt fearful and also a sense of disappointment for I didn't get to finish my enjoyment destroying her body. But to avoid getting caught was the main priority. As I was walking away from the crime a man stopped me trying to make advances towards me he was taller than me and he was in my way. I quickly rejected him and told him to find some prostitute to get his services and quickly walked away. I was quite shaken because the man who stopped me had seen me so I went down another path heading towards Aldgate as I got closer to the church I saw the man with the black moustache in front of the church with a women he looked similar to the man I saw earlier. He was talking with a women I said to myself she must be another prostitute trying to get herself money. As he left I followed her into the south-west corner of the square I caught up with her with my knife in hand she struggled but I used a handkerchief to block her from making a sound while I slit her throat with my knife. Then I cut opened her stomach and dumped out her intestines onto the ground and took out her uterus and one of her kidneys. I continued by disfiguring her face and drawing her intestines out farther placing them over her right shoulder I cut into her ears. And then I heard a noise it sounded like someone was coming my way. I remembered the night watchmen which usually watch the area around the church I knew I had to hurry and get away. I wrapped the uterus and kidney in cloth and quickly rushed into hiding were I slowly walked along the church building making sure that no one spotted me. I continued on my way home staying in the shadows of the buildings until I got back home. When I got home I noticed some buttons from my coat were missing I started to panic thinking that in the struggle I might have lost them. I quickly took the coat along with the uterus and the kidney and bundled them up to dump them in the river were I've dumped the other items. I waited until it was safe and no one was around and dumped them into the river and headed back home.

The news papers went wild after the double killing event word of a jack the ripper killer was growing and people were fearful that they might be next. All of the publicity of the murderers only fueled my ambitions more. I couldn't wait for my chance to strike again since they haven't suspected it could be me all this time. I felt empowered like I could keep doing it and no one would ever find out. I didn't wait very long before going out looking for another victim since I felt like no one could stop me. I continued to search Whitechapel each day until on the 8th of November at around 11:45 I noticed a women walking home drunk along side of a guy with ginger hair color who was carrying a bucket of beer I followed them until they went to a house. He wished her a good night and she went up to her room. I was planning on going up to her room and killing her but I realized I had forgotten my knife. I quickly headed back home to gather my weapon and to change my clothing before I headed back. When I got there I looked around making sure no one was around and then headed up stairs to the room where I saw her at the window singing and watching her male friend leave earlier. I knocked on her door. I heard the bolt of the door open and there she was I pulled out a letter and said to her she might want to have a look at this using a serious face she told me to come in and she closed the door behind us. She grabbed the letter out of my hands and sat on her bed starting to open it I got closer to her then held my hand over her mouth then pushed her onto the bed forcefully and cut her throat two times just like I had done with the others only I cut her throat down to her spine. I then proceeded to cut open her stomach and emptied out her organs. I decided to take her heart cause I knew anyone who was a prostitute is heartless she didn’t deserve to have her heart. I continued to mutilate her until I found enough satisfaction in the killing and I left her room making sure that no one saw me leaving. I was very proud of myself not just because I was able to get rid of some of the cities filth but it put fear into everyone they felt like the killer could strike at anytime and the killer was like a devil or a ghost unable to be seen or caught.

When they found the 5th women the newspapers were exploding with news about the murder. Around this time I got busy with Frank Hogg of course I continued to think about the justices I did for the city killing those women. And of course the murderers stayed in everyone’s mind. In some of my spare time I wrote some letters to the newspaper in London using the suspected killers trade mark Jack the Ripper was what everyone claimed the killer was called I didn’t mind that they thought it was a man who was doing the killing it only made the reward of winning that much sweeter knowing I fooled everyone. Of course the letters didn’t bring anyone any closer to catching me it only fueled the fire of fear everyone had thinking that the killer was still on the loose. As time went on I knew Frank was seeing another woman because he had wanted to have a child and he knew that it wasn’t possible for me to have one for him. But he still showed me so much affection and I loved him regardless. Only the women who he was with got pregnant. I knew that Frank wanted a child so bad just like I did so I urged him to marry her and make it proper. Of course I was really upset by this but I only wanted Frank to be happy I could not care about the women he was with or her child. I always could just kill her if it came down to it and can take the baby for my own I thought giggling to myself. But Frank was surprised when I told him to marry her. He thought I would be furious with him of course I didn’t tell him what my possible intentions where. I made a joke saying if she ever was killed by a murderer like Jack the Ripper that we could keep the child as our own. Of course he wasn’t happy about that joke which I was not serious about it. Frank continued to visit me of course up until the child was born then I started to see much less of him.

But it was not until October of the following year 1890 that I was invited to visit Franks home at the request of his wife which was quite a surprise to me because I never met her before. But I decided to accept the invitation to see what it was about because it had made me curious. When I arrived she was very formal to me she asked if I had been with Frank recently and I told her that I have not seen him as much but he was still seeing me. I could see she was not pleased to hear that. She urged me to not see him ever again and I told her the only reason why Frank married her is because I told him to since it would be a proper thing to do and he wanted a child. I told her he was just using her so he could have the child. She got enraged like how dare you talk to me that way and started screaming at me saying how I was wrong and he loved me. I couldn’t put up with her nonsense she was just ridiculous and unreasonable. I told her she was the one who was not needed anymore and she could leave the child and go. And she screamed I’m going to kill you and lunged at me from where she was standing. Of course I lost my temper I said to her I didn’t want to make her my 6th victim and she paused for a moment and said 6th? And I said awe I shouldn’t have told you that but I said I guess you will not be around to tell anyone that I’m the Jack the Ripper murderer who has been in the papers spreading fear. I could see her eyes fill with fear she said your joking you can’t be. And I said it’s too late for you. I pulled out my knife which I always have kept on me after my 5th killing since I knew if I ever needed it was easier to just carry. She started to back off me and scream and tried to escape I caught her from behind and sliced her neck with my knife just like the other murders. Of course I knew with how loud she was being there was no way I could finish with my trademark killing which I hit her sometimes with an iron fireplace poker to get my frustrations. Then I knew I had to get rid of the body to avoid suspicions. Besides she was the one who wasn’t needed anymore and it was going to be just me and Frank. I took one of the cardigans from the closet and wrapped her body in it. I checked to make sure there was no one looking and took the back door out of the house to avoid anyone seeing me. I used a pram to carry the body as far as Hampstead and saw a pile of rubbish and dumped the body there with the cardigan included. With all the blood all over it I had to dump it. I went back to the house to care for the baby and take it back home with me. But the child would not stop crying even while I was holding it and trying to calm it. I told it that I’m your new mother now and it only seemed to cry louder and harder. That upset me it was like the child wouldn’t accept me as its new mother and the noise it was making was only making me more annoyed and upset. I couldn’t take the crying I covered its mouth and I could feel that it was still crying. I told it to shut up and it wouldn’t stop crying so I smothered its face until it stopped. I wasn’t about to keep a baby that wouldn’t listen I justified it by saying I wouldn’t want the child of the mother I just killed who stole my happiness with Frank away. So I traveled out to Finchley and dumped the baby’s body.

Then I proceeded to go home. Later that afternoon Franks sister Clara came to my house asking if I had seen Frank’s wife. I told her no I was just at home and I never met her. I asked her why and Clara said that they might have found Frank’s wife who was missing and her baby both dead and I started to worry in my mind. I knew I didn’t do a very good job at trying to cover their murder up and I feared that I might be caught this time. Then she asked me to go to the morgue with her which I knew I had to go with her because anything I could do to stop them from finding out was important. While we were at the morgue I knew I had to do something to stop her from identifying the body. I first tried to scare her saying she doesn’t want to look at some horrific murder body but she said this has to be done and nothing I could do would stop her from identifying the body. Women later said that she saw me pushing the pram with a large object in it. Then later the police came to my house after Frank had told them about having an affair with me they came with questions about Frank’s wife.

They searched my house and of course I didn’t have time to clean the blood stains in the kitchen or wash the blood stained fire poker or my knife. When they questioned me about them I told them I used it to kill the mice. Then while they finished searching I sat at the piano and played. One of them noticed the wedding ring on my finger and found out from Frank that it was his wife’s ring. I knew I was caught and there wasn’t anything that I could do. But I wasn’t about to admit to being Jack the Ripper to anyone. Those crimes I committed to those women would never be revealed not from me at least. They told me that I was convicted of two accounts of murder but I wouldn’t admit to it. I told myself what does it matter if I did or not there was no pity left for me they wouldn’t let me go knowing I murdered her. I thought I would keep this as my own secret along with who the identity of Jack the Ripper really was.

Before I was to be killed I decided to tell my solicitor a message to put into the papers. The message was M.E.C.P. Last wish of M.E.W. Have not betrayed. He asked me what it means but I would not tell him I wouldn’t tell anyone this would keep them constantly wondering. And at the same it tells so much if only people knew what the connection was. As they took me from my prison cell and brought me to the gallows to execute me I would not speak a word. I knew there was nothing else that needed to be said other then the message which was to be published in the papers. They put the rope around my neck and I could feel the floor drop out from under me. Death was quick she wouldn’t have felt much and there was only a small vibration to the rope after she was hanging there.