Fuyuko's Acid Storm

Fuyuko's Acid Storm
Fuyuko's Acid Storm

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Girl And The Island

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived all alone on an island. She did not know how she got there or if there was anyone else who was with her. The only memories that the girl had was living on the island. There was a castle built on the island. The castle was built upon the rocks of the side of a mountain that overlooked the ocean. The castle was where the girl lived. She would sleep there in a room just for herself. She would also eat there.

There was no one else around to spend time with her because she was alone. The girl could not speak so she had no way of calling other people to let them know that she was there so she was never sure if there might be someone else on the island who just did not know she was there. 

She spent many of her day’s searching the island looking for other people who could talk to her.  As each day passed it seemed like no one was on the island and she was all alone. Eventually she gave up looking for other people and stopped leaving the castle because she knew there was nothing special outside which she had not already seen.

She would spend her time trying to think of things to do in the castle. Then one day she found a hidden room which led her into a library filled with books. There were so many books it made the girl happy because she knew that the stories would keep her company. She would do nothing but read books every day and at night dream of being in the stories that she read.

As time passed the girl eventually ran out of stories that she could read because she had read every story within the library. This upset the girl. She tried to think of ways to get more books but there was no way for her to get them. She tried to search the castle for another hidden room with more books and there was none.

Then she came up with an idea she said to herself I could make my own books and read them. She gathered some paper and then searched the beach for a feather and made some ink out of berries that she found growing on the island.

She thought hard about a story and how to write it and when she was satisfied with how it sounded in her head and thought it was good enough to make into a story she began to write. The girl wrote a whole page within a short time.

But when the girl looked at what she had wrote there was nothing but ink spots she could not understand what she had wrote. She tried again and again and the same thing happened she knew what she wanted to put down on the paper but when she did it was only a bunch of ink spots and was unreadable.

The girl thought it was the feather she was using which was bad so she tried to write with her finger and the outcome was the same anytime the girl would try to write down her story it was unreadable.  It made her cry that she could not save the story she was thinking of.

The girl continued to try writing for days and days hoping that something would change and she would be able to read even just one page of her own story.  She thought to herself why I am cursed to not be able to communicate.  She had always thought not being able to speak was not so bad because she could still write not realizing that even her writing was affected by the same curse.

The girl slowly began to give up hope realizing that she could never tell the story that she wanted to and knowing that she was alone and there was no one around to even keep her company.  The pain and despair was slowly destroying her inside and she still had no way to even express her feelings or let them out.

The girl got into a rage hating the island the castle and the world that she was stuck in because it was lonely and there was no way to communicate. In her rage she started a fire and burned all the books in the library the fire got out of hand and spread to the rest of the castle.

The girl stood outside the castle as it burned with the piece of paper which she had tried to write her story on crying deeply. She said to herself that’s it! It’s done… I’m done… Then the girl went to the side of the cliff’s standing on the edge of the rocks looking down at the water.

The girl felt like there was nothing that she could do to fix her problems. There was no way for her to communicate and she couldn’t write her story. She threw the paper and let it fall down the cliff and into the ocean. Then the girl jumped off of the cliff and was never seen from again.

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