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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jack the Ripper

The month was spring the year 1887 my name is Mary Eleanor Pearcey. I've been living in London all of my life I was born here as was my mother who died while I was young. My father then filled the roll taking care of me of course that didn't last very long either. My father was convicted and hanged for the murder of another man and wrongly convicted. They only found out he was innocent after they killed him. My life hasn't been a very easy one but I still have much to be grateful for. A child comes soon and having a child of my own has been a dream I could have only hoped for. I recently moved into a furniture removers shop and I've been staying with him he also has my heart being with him and having my child is the only things I want in this world. As time draws closer I only grow more and more anxious waiting the day for the baby to come. I keep a diary of each day to keep myself from going crazy of anxiousness. But nothing could prepare me for what was to come of the happiness I believed I would one day achieve.

During that December everything came to a crash like a train wreck. I was in the hospital with labor pains ready to have my baby but the doctor came to me saying there was complications and what I wanted to do. Of course I told him I want to have my baby but my life is important he assured me that he would do everything he can. By the time it was over I had learned of the horrible news my baby had died but as if that wasn't the worst of it the doctor told me I would never be able to have children ever again. I went mad they tried to restrain me. I was screaming and crying and kicking I felt like giving up on my life but the doctors would not have any of that. It wasn't fair all I wanted was a simple life a happy life one with a child of my own and life has stolen all of that away from me. At first I began to think I'll starve myself and just die but after thinking about it. I realized it isn't my fault that my baby died and that I can't have another child of my own. As I was leaving I noticed a mother who just got her child from the nurse I stood in the doorway watching it only made me even more furious seeing her happy with her new born baby. She saw me in the doorway and she asked if I wanted to see her baby I answered in a vicious tone saying "My baby is dead why should I want to see yours." A look of shock washed over her face and I walked out of the room and headed outside of the hospital and started my way home. On my way home I noticed the prostitutes lining the streets as if they were mocking me for they could have children but they instead use their bodies for profit. This only set me more in a rage because if I had only had my baby I wouldn't be forced to feel this way.

With the new year nothing good had came I only grew to hate people even more I cut off most of my social ties with my former friends hating them for what they have and what I cannot. The amount of prostitutes and brothels that lined the streets continued to grow and my hate for those people only grew as the number of them increased. I couldn't stand for it any longer I had to do something or I would go mad I went out for a walk and came across the Whitechapel area which wasn't far from where I live and I noticed a women who was familiar to me. I remember gossip from friends that her name was Mary and that her husband had claimed she left him to practice prostitution but she still managed to have five kids. She tried to talk to me I only said hello and kept walking not allowing her to notice that I knew who she was. As i got back home I kept dwelling on it I wanted nothing more to put an end to some of these evil women who I felt are mocking me. But at first I felt like I didn't have the courage. As time went on and I kept seeing the murders in the papers as crime only kept growing worse. I started to formulate ways I could murder the prostitutes I hate so much by reading articles from the papers.

It wasn't until the summer, August to be exact that I finally felt that it was my duty to kill the prostitutes who i felt were mocking me and having a bad influence on the city as well. I knew something had to be done it was a justified action. I couldn't let it go on I needed to do something. I headed to Whitechapel on the night of august 30th as I approached the area I had saw her that day months ago she was walking in the opposite direction. I quickly ducked out of the way to avoid having her see me and followed her waiting until I had my chance. She went into a local pub I waited what seemed like forever for her to come out. Finally almost an hour later she left the pub I continued to follow her and turned down 18 thrawl street she met someone and I hide behind a corner ally to avoid being seen. Then she continued to head back to Whitechapel road but there was too many people for me to take a chance at getting caught. I decided to wait for the perfect time It didn't matter to me whether it was right this moment or a few hours later but I continued to follow her keeping my distance. She then started to walk on the path of the hospital I continued to follow her getting more anxious and only more ready to finally land my killing blows to her. As she started to enter a front gate to what seemed to be a stable I quickly ran up to her she turned to see me and said "I remember you...". But before she could finish the sentence I pulled a knife on her she tried to scream but I forced my hand over her mouth and then slit her neck from left to right. But that wasn't enough I did it again she was still struggling as she was bleeding in my arms. I continued by stabbing her stomach and kept stabbing her as the blood flowed all over the ground I continued to stab her even after she was dead letting rage just consume me. When I finally stopped all that lay before me was her bloody mutilated body. I quickly covered myself in my cloak and headed back home being sure that no one had seen me leaving the area. I went home washed the blood off of my body and throw any clothing which had gotten blood on it into a local river. I was very careful as to not be seen by anyone.

When the news of her death hit the papers many people were outraged at how viciously she was murdered but the satisfaction it gave me was so much glory I could barely contain it. I waited four days before going out from my house to be sure in avoiding suspicions but no one had any thoughts that the murder could have been done by me. I went for a walk to Whitechapel again. This time I saw another women who's roamers about her were outstanding my friends called her "Dark Annie" because of the color of her dark brown hair. While she was drunk she was a horrible person doing anything for a drink or for money even prostitution and she even had a family which she gave up. While she was sober she tried to come off as being very civil and industrious. It made me sick to even look at her. I knew something had to be done about her she was another one of the women who was mocking me she had everything and yet she choose to give it all up for prostitution selling herself. But in the back of my mind I knew the situation had to be perfect the timing I couldn't get caught because I'm not the evil one here. I'm doing a justice for the town and for myself getting rid of evil. I spent the next few days watching her from a distance trying to learn the pattern of her movements and trying to find a perfect time to get her alone. I decided Saturday night would be the best time since many people were busy or drunk I thought I would take that day as the perfect chance to kill her and it was the a different day for when I killed the other girl. I thought they wouldn't expect it and that I would use it to my advantage. I went to Whitechapel and waited for her she was working the streets trying to get some money I continued to follow her all night long until around 5:30 just before sunrise she was on Hanbury street talking to a man who seemed to be a shabby and homely looking he was wearing a deer hunters hat and a dark overcoat. I knew this would be a perfect cover for my act of murder for there was a local woman who was looking from the street passing by. Of course she did not even notice me hidden in the shadows only her with the man. When they were finished talking Annie was walking towards me I was standing in a door way as she got close I covered her mouth so she couldn't scream and took my knife slashing at her throat making the same to deep cuts into her that I made the first time. Then I slashed open her stomach completely in my mind I knew it wasn't fair that she was able to have children and that I couldn't any longer so I removed her uterus because she didn't deserve it. After I was done I left the scene of the murder again being very careful not to be seen by anyone I wrapped the uterus in cloth and took it with me. I wasn't about to let her have it back because she didn't deserve it. When I got home I un-wrapped the uterus and sat looking at it on the table. Then to avoid suspicion I decided it was best to get rid of it along with the clothing which had her blood on it. I wrapped them up and throw them in the river where I had thrown the other clothing being sure not to be seen.

By the time the murder of her had surfaced people started to believe that the murders were connected. I feared that someone would catch me but the paper had the description of the male she had been talking to which was perfect for me there was no one to suspect that I could have done it. Roamers also flew around about her being killed for the uterus I took saying it was an act by robbers. Things after she was found dead seemed to be much more active I knew I had to lay low for awhile to avoid suspicions. I continued to do my daily routine like nothing was wrong and of course no one could figure out it was me. This really empowered me and I knew I had to keep killing to feed my satisfactions. I continued to make trips into Whitechapel looking for the next possible victim that I could take while night patrols were becoming more frequent they still would not have suspected a women behind the attacks. I knew I could do anything if I set my mind to it. On the night of the 29th of September I had spotted another target she was dressed in a black jacket and skirt and had a black crepe bonnet on. She was walking along side of a man with a dark moustache who was wearing a morning suit and bowler hat. It was around 11:00 pm and I saw them walking on Berner street I followed her and shortly after the one man left I saw another man who was wearing a peaked cap with her. I thought she must be a prostitute because why would she be out late with these men it made me angry but I knew if I killed her on a Saturday of the same murder it might be suspicious and I couldn't catch her alone on this night she was hanging around different men all night long. So I decided to retired for the night and figured I would try again tomorrow. That night I saw her out on the street I followed her waiting for a perfect time and place for her to be alone as she walked near Dutfield's yard she entered the adjacent yard from the street. I knew if I didn't take my chance I wouldn't get another for the night. It was also very dark very hard to see anything this would be a perfect place I thought as I got closer to her. I covered her mouth so she couldn't scream and I cut her neck clear a cross cutting her so badly that the blood was rushing out of the wound in her neck at a very fast pace. Before I could finish killing her I heard a noise in the distance what sounded like a carriage with a horse. I started to fret not knowing if someone was about to catch me in the act I heard a shied from a horse and quickly left her body there and jumped into the shadows sneaking away avoiding being scene. I felt fearful and also a sense of disappointment for I didn't get to finish my enjoyment destroying her body. But to avoid getting caught was the main priority. As I was walking away from the crime a man stopped me trying to make advances towards me he was taller than me and he was in my way. I quickly rejected him and told him to find some prostitute to get his services and quickly walked away. I was quite shaken because the man who stopped me had seen me so I went down another path heading towards Aldgate as I got closer to the church I saw the man with the black moustache in front of the church with a women he looked similar to the man I saw earlier. He was talking with a women I said to myself she must be another prostitute trying to get herself money. As he left I followed her into the south-west corner of the square I caught up with her with my knife in hand she struggled but I used a handkerchief to block her from making a sound while I slit her throat with my knife. Then I cut opened her stomach and dumped out her intestines onto the ground and took out her uterus and one of her kidneys. I continued by disfiguring her face and drawing her intestines out farther placing them over her right shoulder I cut into her ears. And then I heard a noise it sounded like someone was coming my way. I remembered the night watchmen which usually watch the area around the church I knew I had to hurry and get away. I wrapped the uterus and kidney in cloth and quickly rushed into hiding were I slowly walked along the church building making sure that no one spotted me. I continued on my way home staying in the shadows of the buildings until I got back home. When I got home I noticed some buttons from my coat were missing I started to panic thinking that in the struggle I might have lost them. I quickly took the coat along with the uterus and the kidney and bundled them up to dump them in the river were I've dumped the other items. I waited until it was safe and no one was around and dumped them into the river and headed back home.

The news papers went wild after the double killing event word of a jack the ripper killer was growing and people were fearful that they might be next. All of the publicity of the murderers only fueled my ambitions more. I couldn't wait for my chance to strike again since they haven't suspected it could be me all this time. I felt empowered like I could keep doing it and no one would ever find out. I didn't wait very long before going out looking for another victim since I felt like no one could stop me. I continued to search Whitechapel each day until on the 8th of November at around 11:45 I noticed a women walking home drunk along side of a guy with ginger hair color who was carrying a bucket of beer I followed them until they went to a house. He wished her a good night and she went up to her room. I was planning on going up to her room and killing her but I realized I had forgotten my knife. I quickly headed back home to gather my weapon and to change my clothing before I headed back. When I got there I looked around making sure no one was around and then headed up stairs to the room where I saw her at the window singing and watching her male friend leave earlier. I knocked on her door. I heard the bolt of the door open and there she was I pulled out a letter and said to her she might want to have a look at this using a serious face she told me to come in and she closed the door behind us. She grabbed the letter out of my hands and sat on her bed starting to open it I got closer to her then held my hand over her mouth then pushed her onto the bed forcefully and cut her throat two times just like I had done with the others only I cut her throat down to her spine. I then proceeded to cut open her stomach and emptied out her organs. I decided to take her heart cause I knew anyone who was a prostitute is heartless she didn’t deserve to have her heart. I continued to mutilate her until I found enough satisfaction in the killing and I left her room making sure that no one saw me leaving. I was very proud of myself not just because I was able to get rid of some of the cities filth but it put fear into everyone they felt like the killer could strike at anytime and the killer was like a devil or a ghost unable to be seen or caught.

When they found the 5th women the newspapers were exploding with news about the murder. Around this time I got busy with Frank Hogg of course I continued to think about the justices I did for the city killing those women. And of course the murderers stayed in everyone’s mind. In some of my spare time I wrote some letters to the newspaper in London using the suspected killers trade mark Jack the Ripper was what everyone claimed the killer was called I didn’t mind that they thought it was a man who was doing the killing it only made the reward of winning that much sweeter knowing I fooled everyone. Of course the letters didn’t bring anyone any closer to catching me it only fueled the fire of fear everyone had thinking that the killer was still on the loose. As time went on I knew Frank was seeing another woman because he had wanted to have a child and he knew that it wasn’t possible for me to have one for him. But he still showed me so much affection and I loved him regardless. Only the women who he was with got pregnant. I knew that Frank wanted a child so bad just like I did so I urged him to marry her and make it proper. Of course I was really upset by this but I only wanted Frank to be happy I could not care about the women he was with or her child. I always could just kill her if it came down to it and can take the baby for my own I thought giggling to myself. But Frank was surprised when I told him to marry her. He thought I would be furious with him of course I didn’t tell him what my possible intentions where. I made a joke saying if she ever was killed by a murderer like Jack the Ripper that we could keep the child as our own. Of course he wasn’t happy about that joke which I was not serious about it. Frank continued to visit me of course up until the child was born then I started to see much less of him.

But it was not until October of the following year 1890 that I was invited to visit Franks home at the request of his wife which was quite a surprise to me because I never met her before. But I decided to accept the invitation to see what it was about because it had made me curious. When I arrived she was very formal to me she asked if I had been with Frank recently and I told her that I have not seen him as much but he was still seeing me. I could see she was not pleased to hear that. She urged me to not see him ever again and I told her the only reason why Frank married her is because I told him to since it would be a proper thing to do and he wanted a child. I told her he was just using her so he could have the child. She got enraged like how dare you talk to me that way and started screaming at me saying how I was wrong and he loved me. I couldn’t put up with her nonsense she was just ridiculous and unreasonable. I told her she was the one who was not needed anymore and she could leave the child and go. And she screamed I’m going to kill you and lunged at me from where she was standing. Of course I lost my temper I said to her I didn’t want to make her my 6th victim and she paused for a moment and said 6th? And I said awe I shouldn’t have told you that but I said I guess you will not be around to tell anyone that I’m the Jack the Ripper murderer who has been in the papers spreading fear. I could see her eyes fill with fear she said your joking you can’t be. And I said it’s too late for you. I pulled out my knife which I always have kept on me after my 5th killing since I knew if I ever needed it was easier to just carry. She started to back off me and scream and tried to escape I caught her from behind and sliced her neck with my knife just like the other murders. Of course I knew with how loud she was being there was no way I could finish with my trademark killing which I hit her sometimes with an iron fireplace poker to get my frustrations. Then I knew I had to get rid of the body to avoid suspicions. Besides she was the one who wasn’t needed anymore and it was going to be just me and Frank. I took one of the cardigans from the closet and wrapped her body in it. I checked to make sure there was no one looking and took the back door out of the house to avoid anyone seeing me. I used a pram to carry the body as far as Hampstead and saw a pile of rubbish and dumped the body there with the cardigan included. With all the blood all over it I had to dump it. I went back to the house to care for the baby and take it back home with me. But the child would not stop crying even while I was holding it and trying to calm it. I told it that I’m your new mother now and it only seemed to cry louder and harder. That upset me it was like the child wouldn’t accept me as its new mother and the noise it was making was only making me more annoyed and upset. I couldn’t take the crying I covered its mouth and I could feel that it was still crying. I told it to shut up and it wouldn’t stop crying so I smothered its face until it stopped. I wasn’t about to keep a baby that wouldn’t listen I justified it by saying I wouldn’t want the child of the mother I just killed who stole my happiness with Frank away. So I traveled out to Finchley and dumped the baby’s body.

Then I proceeded to go home. Later that afternoon Franks sister Clara came to my house asking if I had seen Frank’s wife. I told her no I was just at home and I never met her. I asked her why and Clara said that they might have found Frank’s wife who was missing and her baby both dead and I started to worry in my mind. I knew I didn’t do a very good job at trying to cover their murder up and I feared that I might be caught this time. Then she asked me to go to the morgue with her which I knew I had to go with her because anything I could do to stop them from finding out was important. While we were at the morgue I knew I had to do something to stop her from identifying the body. I first tried to scare her saying she doesn’t want to look at some horrific murder body but she said this has to be done and nothing I could do would stop her from identifying the body. Women later said that she saw me pushing the pram with a large object in it. Then later the police came to my house after Frank had told them about having an affair with me they came with questions about Frank’s wife.

They searched my house and of course I didn’t have time to clean the blood stains in the kitchen or wash the blood stained fire poker or my knife. When they questioned me about them I told them I used it to kill the mice. Then while they finished searching I sat at the piano and played. One of them noticed the wedding ring on my finger and found out from Frank that it was his wife’s ring. I knew I was caught and there wasn’t anything that I could do. But I wasn’t about to admit to being Jack the Ripper to anyone. Those crimes I committed to those women would never be revealed not from me at least. They told me that I was convicted of two accounts of murder but I wouldn’t admit to it. I told myself what does it matter if I did or not there was no pity left for me they wouldn’t let me go knowing I murdered her. I thought I would keep this as my own secret along with who the identity of Jack the Ripper really was.

Before I was to be killed I decided to tell my solicitor a message to put into the papers. The message was M.E.C.P. Last wish of M.E.W. Have not betrayed. He asked me what it means but I would not tell him I wouldn’t tell anyone this would keep them constantly wondering. And at the same it tells so much if only people knew what the connection was. As they took me from my prison cell and brought me to the gallows to execute me I would not speak a word. I knew there was nothing else that needed to be said other then the message which was to be published in the papers. They put the rope around my neck and I could feel the floor drop out from under me. Death was quick she wouldn’t have felt much and there was only a small vibration to the rope after she was hanging there.  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Existence Ragnarok Online Test Server

So recently our server Exro started loading the test server again and me and Takamatsu have been helping get stuff moving in rathena by reporting skill bugs in there bug tracker. Some of our guildies wanted to also login and check it out (don't blame them since its nice looking at the new content). So i've uploaded the connection files to post on here which you can download by going here http://www.mediafire.com/?2qqyqq6chd7ovuj

The instructions the Admin gave me are pretty simple make a copy of the current game folder name it exro test and then paste the files above replacing any in the test folder. He basicly said it's not a good idea to login to the real server with the test client because it will get you banned. Of course I've made that mistake once and got help from Noir by blowing up his MSN account with my random rants about getting banned and he fixed it.

Otherwise the server is pretty solid so far but I haven't gotten to test too much because of the trip I was on to hong kong.