Fuyuko's Acid Storm

Fuyuko's Acid Storm
Fuyuko's Acid Storm

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Battle of Crimson Farms

The year is 2015 the world has faced major economic collapse which has caused a major separation between the rich and the poor people and at the time I thought that this was bad enough and that it could not get any worse than this.  But I was wrong something was about to happen that I did not expect. While the fall of the economy the rise of a new company called Global Food Corporation had its rise to power.  This company took over the sales an export of all types of food. Of course this did not matter much for me since I owned a farm out in the wilderness away from all the major cities I just made my own food everything from wheat down to fruits and vegetables. Most of my time was spent on my farm. The area surrounding my farm was known as Crimson Falls because of the bright crimson flowers that would grow along the road side.  I only spent about one day per month to go to a local town and catch up on what was going on in the world.

The season was August and it was a hot summer day I was heading into town to pick up some supplies and some tools so I could fix the radio receiver back home.  I headed over to the general store where I was kindly greeted by the store owner who I’ve known for a long time. I gave him the list of supplies I needed and while him went into the back to get my order I waited listening to the radio. Over the radio I could hear something which sounded like a warning but I missed part of it because the radio was set to low. I called out to the store owner and asked if I could raise the sound on the radio and he was like sure you do not need to ask go ahead. So I raised the sound and this time I heard the news cast saying that everyone is recommended to stay inside and keep their windows and doors shut because there was a problem with some shipment of food that was delivered to a city which is a few miles from here. They said the government was looking into it. That kind of worried me because I didn’t know what was going on. I asked the owner of the store about it and he said that some kind of disease infected food which was shipped by Global Food Corporation but there was not much information about what was going on. After paying for my supplies I decided it was a good idea to just head back home. When I got back to my farm the phone had been ringing and I ran inside and caught a few seconds before it stopped ringing. It was my friend Mike who I haven’t heard from in a long time after he moved to the city.  He asked me if I heard what was going on which I told him about the radio transmission I heard. Then he said you do not know the whole story every store which had received shipments from Global Food Corporation have this problem and the disease is airborne and very infectious to anyone who just breaths in air that is carrying the disease.  I asked him if he was going to be okay and he said he was calling to see if it was okay for him to stay at my farm with his girlfriend. I told him it would be fine I said just try to be careful. He said he was leaving now since where he was living the disease had not reached yet because of how the wind was blowing.

I thought to myself how lucky I was to be living so far away from towns. I went out to water the farm and take care of everything that needed to be done. Then I went inside to fix the radio receiver it did not take me very long before I started to hear news coming from the radio and having it work. The news was a recorded message telling everyone to stay inside and not to panic. I switched channels looking for a live broadcast and every channel I switched to was another recording of the same thing. I tried to use the receiver to call someone who was a few towns away to see if I could even get to talk to him and I was not getting anything. It was like all of the airway’s and radio stations where dead. The phone started to ring so I went over to get it when I picked it up I heard the voice of someone I didn’t recognize. I asked who this was and he said do not you remember this is Tom and I tried to think of who Tom was but I could not really think with everything going on. So he said remember that time where the three of us you me and mike were on the lake with the boat and Tom fell in and I almost ran him over with the boat motor. And that made me remember him but I haven’t talked to him in such a long time. He asked if I was safe and I told him I live on a farm way out in the middle of nowhere. I asked him if he was alright or if he needed a place to stay. He paused for a moment and said that he was okay for the time being but was not sure what he should do. I asked if there was anything I could do to help. He paused and was like um well. And I told him just spit it out and he said well I have a family now and I’m trying to find a place my wife and daughters can stay too. I told him that is not a problem and he said he was not sure because of how he used to like me he did not want to make me feel uncomfortable bringing his wife to stay at my house. I told him I couldn’t even remember who he was at first let alone whether he liked me or not. He said wait a minute now I was handsome back then and I said sure that’s why I do not remember you and he replied still as cold as ever Karen. I told him that it was fine for his family to come and I told him I would love to meet his wife and kids. I told him to avoid taking any roads through the cities because they have the same problem going on and told him route 4 was pretty much off the beaten road but it would take him here without bringing him though any cities. After I got off the phone with Tom it made me think about mike because I didn’t tell him to skip the towns. I tried to call him using the same number and he picked up. I told him to use route 4 and avoid going into any of the cities he said that’s the way he was traveling and I let out a sigh of relief. Mike told me that he would get here by tomorrow I told him to stay safe.

Then we hung up I decided to check the internet to see what was going on. And there was posts from people very upset about the situation but most of the search engines and news websites had very little information some which claimed it to be an attack from terrorists but most of the people seemed to believe it was an attack from our own government on the people saying they have been covering up most of the news and true details. I went to a video website and the amount of user posted videos of the chaos that was going on in towns especially footage of people who were infected was just insane. I clicked on one video and the main in the video said he was already sick so there was no point in him escaping instead he went outside and was filming people on the street. He said the air was thick with the smell of rotting flesh and his video showed corpses of people just laying in the street with no one to even buried them. The people who were still alive in the town were fighting with each other or clawing at houses trying to get people to help them. At the end of the video the man said he didn’t have much time left but warned everyone to stay out of the cities and said by the time this video uploads he would be dead. It made me sick to my stomach to see the horrific way people were dying and that the government was not doing much to help any of them. Another video was clear evidence that Global Food Corporation was tied to the government he provided documents and also said he was a former worker who stated that the government was planning to use this epidemic to get rid of all the poor people. After I finished watching it I thought about saving the video so I could show my friends I went back into it and the video was gone and claimed to be removed by copy write infringement. That made me even more suspicious because the video was brand new I noticed many of the uploaded videos having to do with what was going on were quickly disappearing from the video websites until the website itself was taken down completely. I decided to go to sleep and figured I would check tomorrow.

The next morning I checked the video websites and none of them ever came back up. There was also a change with the news websites they were saying that you shouldn’t trust any videos or anything you read outside of their websites. They also said that there was a vaccine which would be distributed that will allow your body to fight off the disease but the military and government were the first of the priority to get it. I heard a car pull up and went outside to see who it was. When I went outside I saw it was Mike and his girlfriend Christine I greeted both of them with hugs they were happy to see me. I asked if they had any problems getting here and they told me it was a pretty easy ride especially since no one was traveling the road at all. I helped them bring their stuff in and showed them to the room they could use. I told Mike about how Tom was coming with his family and also told him about what I saw with the news and video stations and he confirmed how horrible the cities where and said how he was lucky to get out with his girlfriend. He asked me if there was anything I needed him to do but I said that both of them should rest and I went out to take care of the farm.

Just before I was about to head in for lunch I heard what sounded like a truck tires screeching and then shortly after a crash. I wondered what that could have been. Mike came out of the house he had heard it too we walked up the street towards were the sound came from. We saw tire tracks across the ground which lead off the road and down into this small creek. At the edge of the creek there was a small army truck pinned against some tree’s and a wild boar which was smashed all over the front of the truck. We went down near the truck to see if there were any survivors but a tree branch had impaled the driver from the driver side of the truck and there was no one else in the truck. Mike told me to see if there was a gas can to empty the gas tank to prevent it from exploding. I found a gas tank attached to the back of the truck and used it to start removing the gas with a small tube I found located within the gas tank. Mike was able to get the army soldier out of the truck and laid him on the ground. Then mike called me over cause he said he found something I looked into the truck from the passenger’s side and saw a crate marked vaccine I remembered about the government saying they had developed a vaccine for the disease I said to mike do you think this could be it and he thought it might be. We decided to take it back with us. We also opened the back of the truck to see what else we could find and there were some creates with weapons and some supplies like flash lights radios so Mike walked back to the house to get his car and brought it back to the location of the truck so we could bring all of the supplies back.

While he did that I took a shovel which I found in the back and buried the soldier and made a small grave marker with his dog tags to mark the spot. I road back with Mike to the house and then tried to reach the authorities on the radio about the army truck but everything was still dead I got no responses from anyone. Shortly after Tom and his family came so we didn’t have time to look at the vaccine crate we found we helped them bring their stuff into the house and showed them to their rooms. Tom introduced me to his wife Rose and his two children Lily and Robert who were hiding behind their mother. I adored how cute the children were and I hugged both of them even though they had the look of fear like who is this strange women. They quickly warmed up to me and I could see they really liked my farm out in the middle of nowhere. Then we filled Tom and his wife in on what happened with the army truck and what we found. We sat down in the living room and opened up the crate. Inside was a steel box which was cold to the touch we opened it and inside where vials of the vaccine which were stored on dry ice. Of course we still weren’t sure about whether or not it was safe to use. Everyone kind of feared about what if it was poison or would not work. I spoke up and said I’ll try it first and Mike and Tom thought that was a bad idea and I said you both have families if it kills me it’s not a big deal.  Mike and Tom both kept trying to talk me out of it and I grabbed one of the syringes out of one of the other boxes took some of the vaccine and injected myself and said well it looks like it’s too late now. And Mike and Tom and everyone looked like they were angry at me for being so wreak less. I took the rest of the vaccine and put it into the refrigerator to keep it cold and said if I do not die everyone else can use it. That night I felt sick to my stomach for part of the night I was not sure if it was the vaccine or just because I ate too much at dinner but I finally fell asleep.

The next morning I was feeling great I woke up early feeling refreshed and energized. I made breakfast for everyone and headed out to take care of the farm. I went out to start harvesting the blueberries which were just ripened for the season. Tom and Mike met me later during the day to help and after we were done I went inside to make lunch. Everyone else decided that the vaccine was safe to take and later that night everyone made sure to take some. I tried the radio again to see if anyone else was out there but it was dead silence. All the radio stations still where broadcasting the same automated messages. But the internet was exploding with people trying to sell stolen vaccine. One website was even auctioning the vaccine and the bid was up to five million dollars. I then realized how lucky that we where to have obtained the vaccine and that I’ve kept my farm managed for all these years since even food seems to be scarce with all the contamination of food which Global Food Corporation had sent. I checked international countries and any country that Global Food Corporation had been exporting to have the same epidemic as the United States. Only countries which refused trade like China, North Korea, and Japan were safe from these problems or anyone who was lucky enough to get the vaccine. I was thinking that it might be a good idea to try and catch a flight to another country since I have my passport and documentation but when I attempted to check the flight information there was no outgoing flights because of the epidemic. And other countries closed their boarders to the US so I had no options to do that either.  As the weeks past by not much changed on my farm we just continued to manage the farm with no contact from the outside world. We assumed that things must not have been getting any better since the same recording where still playing over the radio like a broken record. But I decided to take a trip into the town that was not that far away to see what was going on. Mike and Tom didn’t like the idea and urged me to stay home but I said we had the vaccination so we shouldn’t be affected badly by the disease.  We argued for awhile about it and finally Mike decided it would be okay as long as someone went with me and Mike said he would go. So that day I prepared the truck and loaded up the empty gas cans and everything hoping that we would be able to stock up and we headed out towards the town. As we got closer to the town we started to see houses but they looked vacant like no one had been living in them. The grass was high and there was no sign of people living in them. I started to think that the town might end up being the same way. When we got into town it was not much different the only difference was the bodies which were lined up in the streets and the horrific smell of the air from the bodies decaying. We called out but there was no answer from anyone. I went into the general store with Mike following behind me and we started to gather some supplies.

 Just before we were about to bring it out to my truck I heard a noise what sounded like heavy trucks pulling in. Both I and Mike went outside to see what it was and an army truck filled with soldiers drove into the town and stopped nearby my truck. They came over to us and seemed kind of surprised about us not being sick. We were pulled aside and questioned about why we were not sick. I explained what had happened with the army truck and the man and about how we had tried to contact authorities. Then they left us in a room and walked into the other room. The sound of them talking was muffled but Mike said it sounded like they weren’t happy about us not being sick. I told him that can’t be they are the army they would not feel that way about other people.  They came back into the room and asked about the other people who were at my farm and asked if they took the vaccine and Mike kind of motioned to me not to say anything. And he jumped in and said that they were all dead. It confused me as to why he said that to them at first but after I asked if we could leave now and he said you’re not going anywhere I got really suspicious. I asked why can’t we leave we didn’t do anything wrong and he made this demented grin and said because you should be dead. I felt like my stomach was in knots and was like WHAT?!? And he was like my orders are to kill anyone who is still alive and wondering the towns. And I was like how is that fair? He said life isn’t far if you were rich we would not have a problem right now. And I said I am and the officer said if you were you would have your association card and I said I do its back at my house. I said if you give me a chance to go home and get it I’ll bring it here and show you it. He went back into the other room talking to the other officer and they both came back in and said you can leave but your friend stays. I told him I do not know how to drive the trucks stick shift of course which was a major lie and he said alright Mike could drive me I thanked him and said I would be back as soon as I could. And we got into the truck and drove out of the town. Mike gunned it heading home as fast as he could he asked what we should do. I told him there going to know we do not have the card were supposed to we do not even know what it looks like. I said we might have to fight them off if it comes down to it or die trying. Mike agreed that we didn’t have many options. When we got back to the house we told Tom and the family what was going on. Tom said it would be better to try to run away. And Mike’s girlfriend agreed but I said if they do not find us here they would come after us. I suggested that they all leave now and that I would stay behind and try to fight them off which should give everyone time to get away. Mike and Tom didn’t like the idea and said I should come too but I refused I said this farm is my home I was not going to let them ruin it. I helped them take food and supplies and loaded up their cars and told them to go. They gave me a hard time about it but eventually they drove away.

 Then I drove my truck and parked it in front of the window causing a barricade. I went to the back of the house and covered all the basement windows using cement bricks. I put enough food down in the basement to last a few days. Then I gathered the weapons and flashlights which we found in the army truck of the guy that went off the road. I prepared them loaded them and got set up. I decided I would set up most of the weapons in the room off to the side of the picture window since it had a good vantage point towards anyone coming from either side of the street. I also went into the rooms with windows and covered the windows using the heavy mattresses from the room making sure to pin them against the windows really well to prevent people from coming from behind. I knew the chance I stood against trained army soldiers was very low especially since the only training I ever had was playing first person shooter video games.

It was quite for quite a while I sat in the family room next to the fireplace using it to cook a soup and had my dinner and kept watch on the roads. Waiting in anticipation for the soldiers to come knowing it would not be long. It was not until late at night that I could hear something in the distance that was coming closer. I quick ran into the room and got against the window with the machine gun and made sure it was prepared and the safety was off. I was not about to let them know where I was hiding. The jeep pulled up with the two officers which I could just see the shadows in the moonlight and behind it was a truck with other soldiers. As the officers got out I aimed my weapon at them and pulled the trigger I was not prepared for the kick back of the machine gun and it caused me to spray shots wildly across the targets. Both officers fell to the ground and the men on the truck quickly got out and hid behind the truck. I could hear the officer call out I got hit but nothing from the other officer so I knew he was dead. The glow of the moonlight made it pretty easy to see the officers on the ground but rather then finishing the one off I figured it would be better to wait until the other soldiers tried to save him so I waited. The officer called out to me asking me to come out with my weapon and they would talk. I thought to myself they must think I’m stupid. I knew if I came out they would just shoot me and in the end I would die one way or another so I didn’t even respond. I didn’t want to give out my location instead I moved from the room I was in to one at the other side of the house. The window was covered by the mattress so I leaned against it just enough so I could stick the gun muzzle out the window I waited until I saw a shadow near the truck looking like he was going to make a run for the officer. I shot off a few rounds in that direction and as soon as I did I quick hit the floor because they returned fire on me the sound of the shots coming though the mattress where muffled. I went back to the first room and reloaded my weapon. As time progressed I could see the moon sink in the sky and everything started getting brighter with the morning. They kept opening fire on the rooms of the house hoping that a stray bullet would hit me. I just stayed down avoiding any bullets. Then some soldiers sounded like they were doing something I prepared myself and weapon and looked out the window carefully in a way that they would not have seen me. They had some kind of metal sheet and where trying to get to the officer using the sheet like a barricade. I tried to fire at them but they stopped moving and where hiding behind the metal sheet and I didn’t have a shot at anything. So I shot at the officer and hit him in the legs again then they opened fire at me again and I ducked down waiting for the shots to stop. I saw one of the men stick his head out just as he was helping get the officer behind the barricade I aimed and quickly shot him right in his helmet it didn’t go through his helmet but it did cause him to fall over and I finished him with more shots to his face. The bullets started again from the other soldiers and I ended up getting hit in the shoulder it hurt really badly. It felt like my shoulder was broken I tried to move it and was not able too. I was not about to give up it only encouraged me more that I was doing a good job protecting my friends who were on their way to safety. I grabbed some towels out of the bathroom and wrapped my shoulder up as best I could. But I knew I was not going to be able to hold out much longer at the rate I was losing blood at. At around mid day I could tell they were up to something and I was feeling very faint because of the loss of blood. I could hear them making their way around the house and I knew I didn’t have much time left before they broke in. I quickly started a fire in the fire place and dragged the box of weapons and ammo near the fireplace close enough so the heat would set all the ammo off. I could hear them outside the back door and I pinned a wood board against the door to keep it from opening. I grabbed some ammonia and bleach out of my cleaning closet and mixed both of them in the bucket then I went into the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of peroxide and took the cap off and throw it into the bucket. I quick ran into the basement covering my nose and mouth from the gas which was bursting out of the bucket and locked myself into the basement. I heard them hit against the door and then it was quiet for a moment and I could hear rapid weapon fire what sounded like a shotgun and could hear them rush into the room upstairs and then there was a yell most likely because of the bleach and ammonia gas I said to myself I hope they all die. Moments after the ammo must have been hot enough to starting to fire off in the house. It sounded like a war zone and I didn’t hear anything but the sound of gunshots for awhile. At this point I was fighting to stay conscious. I could not even hold the gun up anymore. I heard them banging against the door to the basement but I was too weak to do anything about it. The door was broken down and looking across from the room was a soldier holding a machine gun he had it pointed at me and before I could do or say anything I took my last breath and the life faded out of me.

The soldiers who tried so hard to break into the farm where surprised to find only one girl who had held them off for so long. In the end the farm was burned and only the friends of the girl would know and remember what had happened that day or where the location of the Crimson Fall’s farm was located. Years later Tom and Mike and his family returned to the location of the farm to plant flowers as a remembrance of the girl named Karen who saved their lives all those years ago.

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