Fuyuko's Acid Storm

Fuyuko's Acid Storm
Fuyuko's Acid Storm

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Up and Coming

So I have not written a new blog post in awhile ever since I made the Jack the Ripper story. So I thought now with Easter over it was about time to get back into my blog updating. Story wise I have a newer story that I've been working on the only problem I'm having is trying to figure out what to call it. But once I finish writing it and figure out what to call it I'll be posting it.

On the gaming side I have not really gotten a chance to play anything. But I'm thinking about logging in and checking on my friends at ExistenceRO I know that the owners been working really hard on the game client and that they are getting closer to adding renewal to the server. One of my other friends started playing it too so I'm curious how shes making out.

I also managed to find a job recently working as a greeter in Walmart not really the best job but its something. I much would have preferred something within my field of study but I have not had much luck. Otherwise nothing all that special is going on except that I came up with another story idea for after I finish the current one. Partly it was because of a dream I had recently and thought it would make a perfect story so I have written all the idea's for it so far.

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