Fuyuko's Acid Storm

Fuyuko's Acid Storm
Fuyuko's Acid Storm

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sorry I have not been around

I apologize for not being around much lately. Recently I just got back from visiting my sister in Korea. And I've been busy working to catch back up at work. I have not died but at the same time I find myself at a loss for story writing currently. I have not seen anything lately to motivate me into turning out any new stories either.

On another note I started trying out the opened beta for Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the second with some friends of mine. Looks like a pretty promising game other then it's hosted in china and at peak hours i find myself lagging really bad. I think I need a new computer too because mine seems to be making a lot of noise while I try to play Ragnarok Online.

Otherwise that pretty much covers everything. New Years was pretty boring same with Christmas but I had fun in Korea at least. I'll try to post something constructive again soon when I get my head out of the clouds.

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